Door Closer Repair Service

You may be surprised the difference a well-functioning door closer can make in your business. That's why door closer repair is crucial. Whether your establishment’s front door is ornate or simply designed, it serves multiple important business functions. Your door is a customer’s first impression of your office or store and their last impression as they leave. Your company’s doors should be attractive, easy-to-use, welcoming and secure. Ideally, your shop's door is equipped with a convenient manual door closer that operates smoothly to greet your clients. If your commercial glass door or door closer needs repair service, call on Glass Doctor® of Sterling.

Proper Door Closer Function

A manual door closer should provide a comfortable entrance and exit for your client, with a simple pull of the handle. The door should only mildly resist, but never stick, upon opening. When released, it should whoosh quickly and quietly back into place, without startling the visitor. Your door closer should also lock easily when you close each day. If your door closer is lacking in any of these areas, you need expert door closer repair, right away.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance

Over time, with frequent use, your door closer may stop working as it should. In some cases, the door closer may never have functioned properly due to poor initial installation. Ignoring the situation can only make it worse, but there is an easy solution. Call the Glass Doctor of Sterling team to make repairs.

We Bring Door Closer Solutions to You

When you contact us for door closer repair or adjustment, our experts will come to your property at your convenience to assess the door closer operation. Hiring a professional means you receive superior service and comply with the terms of typical door closer warrantees. Our mobile repair unit is stocked with specialized repair equipment to quickly restore your door to proper function and appearance. Our door closer services include:

  • Professional door closer inspection: to assess maintenance and repair needs
  • Maintenance including lubrication: refilling the oil reservoir to prevent noisy door operation and mechanical damage
  • Misaligned door adjustment: for a smooth, welcoming customer entry and simple locking at day’s end
  • Mechanical repairs: restore door seals, broken O-rings or screws
  • Seal repair: extend the life of your door and closer
  • Repair of abnormal door motion: stop a door from snapping shut to avoid injury to customers
  • Door frame damage repair: restoring the frame will allow complete door closure to maintain business security
  • Correct sizing and fittings: in a surprising number of cases, door closers fail due to incorrect sizing with a spring mechanism not heavy enough for the door
  • New door closer installation: upgrade your ancient door closer with our expert assistance

When your door closer malfunctions, your business safety, security and customer service is often compromised. Act quickly, common door closer malfunctions lead to early replacement of doors and closers. Proper, regularly scheduled door closer repair and maintenance from Glass Doctor of Sterling is essential to keep your commercial doors operating and protect your investment. Contact us today or fill out an online form.