Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors provide the perfect way to increase natural light and turn a boring room into a welcoming space for your friends and family. A simple mirror, designed especially to fit your room and your personal taste, can transform any space and change the entire feel of your home. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Sterling have the skills and experience to create a truly unique custom mirror that captures your style and taste. We are proud to offer top quality materials that can be cut, shaped and detailed in virtually any way to help make your design vision a reality.

Create the Illusion of Additional Space

Interior designers know that a strategically placed mirrors are an ideal way to create an illusion of space and open up cramped rooms. Employing this trick in your own home can help reflect natural light and instantly make hallways, living rooms and other common spaces feel more inviting. You can dress up the mirror even further with tile or a custom frame to create a true conversation piece that helps to bring out the architectural details of your home. Start by scheduling a consultation with Glass Doctor. A specialist will visit your home and discuss the best places to install a mirror in order to achieve the maximum effect. Often times clients place mirrors in narrow hallways to make them feel longer and more open. A mirror backsplash in the kitchen also provides a simple way to create a feeling of depth. You might also consider adding a custom mirror above the fireplace or using it as a headboard. These statement pieces can have a big effect for a relatively small price.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Custom mirrors and glass decor can be used in a variety of ways to highlight different areas of your home. If you are a collector, mirrored shelving can help to create a 360-degree view of your favorite pieces. Larger, hanging mirrors will enhance light and provide a better view of art, sculptures and other collectibles throughout your home. Adding framed mirrors to walls that are already filled with photos or framed art will add light and help draw the eye to specific pieces.

Enhance Natural Light

No matter where you use mirrors, whether it is through more traditional hanging mirrors or decorative tabletops, the piece will instantly enhance light. You can brighten up dark spots in your home and add light to windowless rooms without having to undertake major renovations. Installing bedroom mirrors and mounted mirrors are two simple ways to increase interior lighting. Mounted mirrors are typically placed near artificial light sources such as lamps in order to maximize the projection of light.

Make a Great First Impression

A full length custom mirror can also be placed in bedrooms, closets and entryways so you can give your outfit and appearance a final check before heading out into the world. Make a great first impression every time with the help of a beautiful, detailed and fully customized mirror installed in exactly the right location. Take advantage of our expertise by calling Glass Doctor of Sterling directly or completing a service request online. A specialist will provide an in-home consultation, take precise measurements and offer advice to guide you along every step.

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