Door Closers

Glass Doctor® of Northwest Arkansas understands the importance of making a great first impression with your customers. When your doors don't work properly, customers become frustrated leading them to shop elsewhere, or worse injure themselves. Our specialists offer comprehensive door closer care services to ensure the safety and functionality of your commercial doors. We strive to improve your property's glass and entryway.

How a Door Closer Works

Door closers are designed to enable individuals to open smoothly and pass through doors without needing to physically return them to the closed position. When a door closer is properly installed and functioning correctly, users will notice a slight resistance when the door is first opened, followed by a smooth transition as the door glides easily open. This action compresses a spring, which will provide the energy necessary to close the door. Once the user releases the door, the compressed spring returns the door to its original position. The flow of the fluid controls the door's closing speed. When operating correctly, the closer's arm will gently return the door to its frame.

Door Closer Maintenance

Professional door closer care services are essential to ensure that your customers are safe and your building is secure. Unfortunately, door closers are rarely even noticed until something goes wrong. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to contact Glass Doctor of Northwest Arkansas for maintenance, repair or replacement.

Incorrect Type of Closer

Door closers are not all created equally. While lightweight doors may operate just fine with certain door closers, heavier doors and those with high usage require heavy duty, more durable mechanisms. When the wrong type of door closer is installed, you might notice inconsistent operation, damage to the door or premature failure of the closer.

Improper Installation or Adjustment

Proper installation and adjustments are essential to prevent:

  • Doorframe damage
  • Erratic movements
  • Misalignments

Seals and Lubricants

Damaged seals often expose clearance gaps, cause damage to hardware, and result in leaking hydraulic fluid. Since hydraulic fluid flow controls the speed of the door opening and closing, low lubricant levels could result in slamming doors causing damage to the door or frame, which is potentially dangerous for your customers.

Latching and Locking

Doors that are difficult to latch or lock interfere with the security of your building. A poorly secured door could cause damage the door frame, closing mechanism or the lock. Professional door closer repair is the best solution.

Door Closer Care Services

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Northwest Arkansas are dedicated to ensuring that your customers stay safe, and your business remains secure. We offer on-site consultations, highly trained experts, and round the clock emergency services to businesses in the community. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.