Advance Measurement System

Local businesses of all types in Springdale can benefit from the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Northwest Arkansas. Our proactive glass care program allows you to plan ahead for glass breakages, which leads to faster recovery, reduced downtime and an improved image.

Our Advance Measurement Works

When you sign up for the program, a specialist from Glass Doctor of Northwest Arkansas will come to your building to assess your needs. We will create a diagram of all your glass features on site, noting pane types, safety codes and any special requirements. If you suffer a breakage at any time, simply call us. Use your copy of the diagram to tell us the location of the damage and we will check if we have a pane in stock that meets your needs. In the case we are unable to fit a permanent solution in the moment, we will board up the hole, clear away any shards of glass and arrange a time to return.

In-Stock Option

To avoid board-ups completely and speed up the repair process further, join our in-stock program. As we’ll always have glass on hand that matches your panes, we will be able to complete repairs in a single visit. This is an ideal option for businesses in Springdale that often suffer breakages.

Benefits of Our Proactive Glass Care Programs

  • Fewer visits to replace panes means faster repairs.
  • You’ll set up a commercial account, which includes providing us with your credit and contact information ahead of time.
  • A reduced risk of injuries and therefore fewer liabilities.
  • We’ll re-establish security on the premises as soon as possible.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Northwest Arkansas in Springdale to set up a proactive glass care plan for your business.