Door Closer Repair Service

When it's easy to enter and exit your business, customers will feel more comfortable. Ease of access inevitably results in a better customer service experience. That's why you storefront door must be in top shape, including door closer mechanisms. Glass Doctor of Shreveport® will make sure that your door closers are in perfect working order.

How Your Door Closers Work

A manual door closer lets your customers easily open doors without having to worry about closing them. When functioning correctly, a door closer will allow a person to feel the weight of the door before smoothly gliding open. This makes opening the door easier, while preventing someone from pushing too hard and stumbling forward. When the door is let go, your door closer will gently close the door.

Door Closer Damage Problems

Neglect and daily use will eventually wear out your door closer. At best this makes it difficult to enter your establishment, at worst your door will injure a guest or employee. Look out for these common door closer problems.

  • Door misalignments: A damaged door closer will cause your door to swing awkwardly. This eventually results in a misalignment. A door misalignment can make it hard to open and close your door. It can also cause your door to scrape against the floor, causing damage there as well.
  • Door frame damage: Because a damaged door closer doesn't allow your door to swing properly, your door may collide with the door frame. This will cause door frame damage that will make it hard to close and lock your door, creating a serious security problem for your business.
  • Safety hazards: In some cases, door closer damage can make your door dangerous. This is because a door closer with mechanical problems can swing too fast, potentially colliding with someone.

Causes of Door Closer Damage

Incorrect types of door closers: If the wrong type of door closer is chosen for the type of door you have, it won't function properly. This lack of functionality will hinder your door closer's ability to move your door in a smooth, controlled manner.

Improperly installed door closers: You should always have a professional install your door closers. This is because an improper door closer installation will often cause damage to your door frame, door and even fixtures surrounding the door.

Broken seals: This issue, which is often created by other problems, results in oil leaks and clearance gaps in your door closers. The functionality of your door will be diminished as a result.

Door Closer Damage Solutions

If your door closer is in good working condition, the best way to protect it is with proper door closer repair and maintenance. To prevent damaging your door closer, always have a professional take care of your door. If door closer repair is not possible, then you should have it replaced ASAP. Glass Doctor of Shreveport will provide you with the best door closer replacement solutions available. Have our team of highly trained glass specialists make sure that your doors make your customers feel welcome at your business. Contact us today!