Auto Glass Care

The advanced technology used to manufacture automotive glass makes it much more than simply a window. The windshields, side and rear windows installed in your car perform a variety of functions and are vital to keeping your family safe on the road. Many windshields are equipped with built-in antennas and sensors. The glass is treated with advanced chemical and thermal processes that make it tougher and safer in an accident.

Because glass is vital for maintaining structural integrity and passenger safety, it's important to repair or replace any damaged glass promptly. Do not be alarmed if you find the chip or crack in your windshield, rear or side windows. Call Glass Doctor® of Shreveport right away to get your panes fixed. Most repairs are completed in an hour or less and are covered by the vehicle's insurance.

Glass Safety

Your family's safety is our number one concern and as members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ we work to maintain the highest standards when providing auto glass care. We only use original equipment manufacturer replacement glass and approved adhesives when working on your vehicle.

Auto Glass Replacement

Automotive glass is carefully manufactured to be strong and safe. The laminated glass used in windshields is an important contributor to vehicle structural integrity. The tempered glass and side and rear windows are manufactured using special processes that controls how the glass breaks in case of an accident.

On impact, tempered glass would shatter into small granular chunks instead of sharp shards. This protects passengers from serious cuts and injury. If the glass in your side or rear window is damaged, we will answer your call quickly to provide high-quality matching replacement glass.

Auto Glass Protection

Glass Doctor of Shreveport service continues long after the job is finished with ongoing protection provided by our Windshield Protection Plan. For an additional cost, upgrade your protection with the Future Installation Option. Customers who choose this auto glass care protection are guaranteed free repair or replacement of any automotive glass for 12 months after installation.

We also offer Hydrophobic Coating protectant for keeping your glass clear and shielded from the elements. The coating creates a barrier preventing scratches, stains and watermarks. It also helps reduce the glare experienced when driving at night or in bad weather. A single application is all it takes and you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Call 318-402-4602 or set an appointment online today!