Advance Measurement System

Damaged glass is of great concern for businesses. It can ruin appearances, jeopardize security and lower productivity. In the worst scenarios, glass can break late at night, meaning you may need to stay up to handle the repair. However, when you sign up for proactive glass care from Glass Doctor® of Shreveport, you will receive instant attention. Our specialists will board up your window or even fit the frame with a permanent pane on the spot, if we have glass in stock.

Advance Measurement System

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, you will receive a visit from one of our specialists. We will create a diagram listing all the glass features on site and leave you with a copy. Should any glass break, simply read us the number from the diagram and we will arrive at your business prepared to repair the glass. With no need to assess your glass needs, we can install a new pane or board up the damage in a single visit. You will also be able to provide us with your contact information and pre-establish credit to speed up the billing process.

Advantages of the Advance Measurement System

Other benefits of enrolling in our Advance Measurement System include less downtime at your company, reduced risk of liabilities, increased security, an improved business image and monetary savings.

Our In-Stock Program

By pre-ordering glass for any potential breakage, you always know that we’ll have pane in stock that meets your needs. This means we’ll always be able to fit a permanent solution immediately, eliminating board-ups, which can deface your business.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Shreveport to find out more about our proactive glass care programs and enroll. Even if you have never suffered from broken glass at your business before, planning ahead is a good idea to avoid headaches in the future.