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Door Closers

The level of service you provide for your customers begins at your front door, where potential customers get their first look at your business. Glass Doctor® of Seguin, TX will ensure a great first impression by providing fast, expert door closer care services that completely ensure the proper operation and safety of all the doors at your location.

Door Closer Basics

Door closers allow your customers easy entrance and exit by safely controlling the speed with which doors open and close. A door closer that's expertly installed ensures complete ease of use, regardless of the size or weight of the door, because spring-loaded hydraulics in the closer provide slow, gentle opening and closing movements.

Door Closer Repair

There are several problems unique to door closers, due to a lack of maintenance, age or a part failure. The experts at Glass Doctor of Seguin, TX quickly identify the problem and take the right steps to correct it. Our level of door closer care, new installations and delicate adjustments are unmatched in the industry.

Unsuitable Door Closers: Door closers must match their applications, especially in busy commercial settings. For example, heavier doors require suitable door closers with strong springs. A door fitted with the wrong type or size closer can pose serious safety risks to customers by often resulting in eventual damage or door misalignment.

Improper Installation and Adjustment: Every door closer requires the door closer body and door closer arm be properly and securely attached to the doorway components. Our experts use specialized techniques to properly install and adjust door closers that will protect your doors from the following potential problems:

  • Expensive damage to the doorframe
  • Possible safety hazards caused by abnormal or unexpected door movements
  • Various door alignment issues

Faulty Seals and Leaking Oil: Broken or failed seals allow hydraulic oil to leak that can be an indication of a missing screw or broken O-rings. Serious leaks usually mean having to replace the entire door closer, although our experts will make every effort to make precise repairs before recommending any replacements.

Locking Difficulty: A door that suddenly or eventually becomes hard or impossible to lock affects both the integrity of the door frame and the door closer hydraulics, posing a potential security risk to the security of your business and property.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your current door closer is under warranty, don’t take the chance of accidentally voiding the contract by having untrained amateurs attempt repairs. Call Glass Doctor of Seguin, TX for a personalized inspection and any necessary door closer care, custom glass repairs or installations. Our door closer repair and maintenance program guarantees you unparalleled service for all of your door closers and hardware or door frames and thresholds.