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Custom Mirrors

Breathe new life and light into your home with dynamic custom mirror solutions from Glass Doctor® of Seguin, TX. Our custom mirrors are excellent for transforming drab rooms into well lit and appealing spaces. With the right custom mirror, each room in your home will be transformed into a beautiful reflection of you. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to cut and install every type of custom mirror and glass surface you need in your home or business.

Master the Illusion of Space and Create Depth

Over our years of experience, the experts at Glass Doctor of Seguin, TX have developed innovative methods for creating depth and the illusion of space with custom mirrors. By placing mirrors strategically in your home, smaller spaces will seem significantly more inviting and open. When you harness natural light with our custom mirrors, entire rooms and hallways are instantly transformed into more inviting and enchanting spaces. One excellent way to highlight the natural contours and architecture of your home is with framed and tiled mirrors. A few of the top custom mirror options enjoyed by our clients are:

  • Statement mirrors placed above headboards and fireplaces to create dramatic statements.
  • Mirrored walls are excellent for making smaller hallways seem longer.
  • Mirrored backsplashes work wonders for adding depth to tighter kitchen spaces.

Make Art and Home Decor Stand Out

A custom mirror with the right finish, edge, tint or frame is an exquisite way to highlight the existing art in your home. A few of our most unique and notable decorative mirror solutions are:

  • Well placed hanging mirrors are excellent for channeling natural light to uniquely fill a space with your favorite artwork.
  • Create a 360-degree, panoramic view of your favorite antiques, sculptures, collectibles or art pieces with mirrored shelves.
  • As the universal showpiece, framed mirrors work in almost every situation, especially for infusing a splash of awe-inspiring glass decor to walls with your favorite framed art or photos.

Bolster the Natural Light

Hanging mirrors and mirrored tabletops are excellent solutions for spreading artificial and natural light throughout your home. If there are areas in your home without windows, infuse light with properly placed mirrors. For instance:

  • Bedroom mirrors are great for reflecting artificial light from lamps as well as and natural light.
  • Mounted mirrors are ideal for channeling light from lamps or other sources.

Head Turning Mirrors

The best areas for full-length mirrors are entryways, closets and bedrooms. These solutions provide a top to bottom perspective, so you can always turn heads for the right reasons. We also provide custom mirror frames and finishes to match your existing decor. Our experts offer installation assistance with a wide array of full-length mirrors, such as:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors that provide a head-to-toe perspective on your attire before heading out the door.
  • Framed mirrors that are customized with your choice of frame.

Custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Seguin, TX are the most cost-efficient and effective way to transform your home decor. Contact your Glass Doctor of Seguin, TX custom mirror specialist today for a free consultation and for a new perspective on your home.

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