Window Repair & Replacement

Window Repair & Replacement Services in Savannah, GA

A broken pane of glass can interrupt your schedule and be a highly stressful situation. Broken glass can be a health hazard, particularly for children, and also represents a security hazard as it may leave your home vulnerable to thieves or pests.

Glass Doctor® of Savannah takes the stress out of the situation by providing a timely and professional window glass replacement service. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to every customer means we will come out at any hour, and we also offer our prices up-front so you won’t get any surprises on the bill.

Emergency Window Repairs

For many homeowners, the security of their home and family is their most important consideration, so we offer emergency window repairs at any time. Our specialist will visit your home and will not consider the appointment complete until your home is secure and your family safe.

Where possible, we provide a complete repair in one visit, but if a break necessitates ordering a replacement pane, our team will board-up the damaged window and clean the area. This ensures that even while waiting for your window glass replacement your family is safe and your home is secure.

Double Pane Window Repairs

Just because the pane is whole doesn’t mean the window isn’t broken; windows with broken seals not only look dirty but are also failing to insulate your home effectively. If your windows are looking foggy, a clear sign of condensation build up resulting from a broken seal, then our team can replace the panes without needing to replace the entire window.

Specialty Repairs

We don’t just stop at window repairs; if you have a broken pane in your home we can replace it. This includes tabletops, mirrors, garage doors, French doors and much more. If you have a specialty repair, please call our team today for a consultation.

Full Window Replacements and Upgrades

Upgrading your windows can provide both practical and cosmetic benefits. Insulated glass units (IGUs) with double or even triple-panes can help regulate your home’s temperature and reduce heating bills. Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows reduce UV glare and can protect your home decor from the aging and fading effects of bright sunlight.

Opting for full window glass replacement in your home can raise the value of your property, lower your energy bills and increase your level of comfort. Speak to a member of the Glass Doctor of Savannah team today for more information.

Additional Services

As well as window glass replacement we also offer a wide range of other services:

  • Glass Tinting: Protect from UV rays by having your glass tinted, reducing your energy bills and protecting your interior.
  • Component Repair: Our specialists can repair components including sash locks and tilt latches, ensuring perfect function.
  • Glass Protectant: Protect the glass in your home from scratching and staining. Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant keeps your glass clear and protected from damage.

Access Special Discounts

Members of our Advantage Plan® get access to exclusive benefits:

  • Incredible members-only savings on repairs and services
  • Comprehensive breakage guarantee on our work for the duration of your membership
  • A free home inspection
  • Priority bookings

For more information or to request an emergency service, please contact the Glass Doctor of Savannah team today.