Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Savannah, GA

Be prepared for unexpected glass damage when you opt for the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Savannah. Our proactive glass care plan is designed to keep your Georgia business safe, secure and running smoothly when your next glass disaster strikes.

More Efficient Emergency Repairs

Opt for this unique plan today! Our experienced glass specialists will promptly survey your establishment to determine the type, placement and size of glass you require. A specialist will record the measurements, location and special requirements of your glass doors and windows in a diagram. You will then be provided with the numbered diagram for reference during your next glass emergency.

Customers who add our Advance Measurement system as part of their proactive glass care plan will enjoy more efficient emergency repairs anytime, day or night. Simply give our round-the-clock specialists a call and report the corresponding number from your reference diagram, We will compare the specifications of your pane with what we have in stock. If your replacement glass is available, our glass experts will complete the installation right away in a single trip. If the correct pane is not in stock, we will promptly order it. While we wait, our specialists will clean up any dangerous debris and board up your damaged area to keep your business safe and secure until permanent repairs are made.

In-Stock Options

Avoid cumbersome board-ups and maximize the efficiency of your proactive glass care plan when you pre-order replacements for your frequently damaged panes. With our in-stock options, your new glass is guaranteed to be in stock and ready for installation in the event of a glass disaster.

Benefits of Our Advance Measurement System

Customers who opt for our Advance Measurement system are delighted to discover an abundance of benefits.

  • Savings: Keep a little more money in your pocket with complete repairs and installations in a single trip.
  • Convenience: It's business as usual when our glass specialists arrive. We will discretely repair or replace your damaged glass at your convenience and clean up the mess so you can concentrate on your customers rather than panes.
  • Liability: Don't let your damaged glass become a life shattering event. Reduce the risk of customer or employee injury when broken glass is repaired right away.
  • Security: Prompt response times, emergency board-ups and efficient glass replacement keeps your building safe from vandalism and theft.
  • Expedience: Our in-stock options mean your damaged glass will be replaced quickly without the need for unnecessary board-ups.
  • Image: Broken glass creates a less attractive business image and may actually be a deterrent for new customers. Maintain a favorable store appearance with prompt repairs.
  • Credit: Avoid possible billing issues with pre-established credit.

Include the Advance Measurement system as part of your proactive glass care plan. Call us today to sign up!