Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Savannah, GA

Life in Savannah is scenic and charming, your home decor should reflect our unique ambience. Custom furniture is a great way to personalize and refresh your space, and glass instantly adds practical and aesthetic value. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Savannah is at your service with high-grade glass home decor options that are easy to customize as they are to clean. Learn more about our custom tabletops and shelves, and then schedule an in-home consultation to explore your own options. 

Custom Glass Tabletops

Our custom tabletops include glass inserts for dining room and coffee tables, as well as personalized replacements for broken or outdated panes. With a custom glass table, you'll be able to do the following: 

Preserve valuable furniture

If you have an existing table with a delicate or hard-to-clean surface, we'll cut, finish and install a glass tabletop to fit securely on top. For example, custom glass overlays are popular additions to antique coffee tables because glass protects their porous hardwood surfaces without hiding their well-preserved textures.

Add light flow to small spaces

Glass creates the illusion of invisibility in a small or crowded room. It also increases light flow to the floor, walls and furnishings that are behind or below it. Personalize a glass insert for your dining table frame to enjoy the appearance of a larger dining room and let natural and artificial light into every corner. 

Personalize your home decor 

Graphic of different glass edges

All our custom tabletops are one-of-a-kind creations, so you'll decide how your glass looks. To complement your existing home decor, choose from our wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes and edging options.

Order an octagonal dining table to seat one family member at each side, tint your coffee table to protect the carpet from sun damage, or customize your kitchen table with a double bevel edge to match the lines of your laminate counters. 

Custom Glass Shelves

Our custom glass surfaces also include shelves for bookcases, entertainment centers, cabinets, desks, floating wall displays and more. Customize your own glass shelves to reap the following rewards in your Savannah home:

Organize your supplies

Cut down on clutter with custom shelving in your home office, closet or kitchen. Install new custom shelving above your desk or dresser to keep all your essentials in one place, or replace old kitchen shelves with glass to make it easier to see the contents of your cabinets. 

Show off your valuables

Glass shelves double the visibility of your favorite figurines and artwork. Showcase every angle of your collection by displaying it on personalized glass shelves. 

Increase your storage space

We'll install your custom glass shelves at any height or configuration that you choose. Take advantage of neglected vertical storage space by installing a column of short glass shelves, or customize the spacing between them to accommodate your storage containers. 

Call us at (912) 927-1875 or contact us online to schedule a home consultation. Our glass specialists will consult with you to learn about your style and safety preferences, take measurements and settle on the details.