Door Closer Repair Service in Savannah, GA

Everyone who visits your business interacts with your front door. This simple interaction should make them feel welcome and safe, but a door with damaged or insufficient parts may have the opposite effect. Make sure every first impression is positive when you partner with Glass Doctor® of Savannah. Our team will pay attention to the hardware that opens and closes the door, ensuring it is in pristine repair.

Door Closer Repair

Door closers have a mechanical arm and springs that kick into action when someone opens the door. If your door closer works correctly, it will provide some initial resistance before gently sliding open. After your guest is inside, the door should gently close again, gradually sliding back into place. Unfortunately, a variety of common problems may interfere with this smooth process. Fortunately, our specialists have the repair solutions.

We troubleshoot the following door closer problems:

  • Slamming shut
  • Too much resistance
  • Misaligned door
  • Doorframe damage
  • Unexpected movements
  • Leaking or low oil
  • Clearance gaps

Because every door is different, we will conduct a thorough inspection to make sure we fully understand your door closer problems before performing the necessary repairs.

Door Closer Replacement

Heavy duty doors need heavy duty door closers. If your springs cannot handle the weight of your door, you may need a stronger door closer. You may also have irreparable damage due to incorrect installation methods. Our door closer care services include replacements and installations to correct these problems. Glass Doctor of Savannah will replace your faulty door closer and install a new mechanism correctly.

Door Closer Maintenance

Prevent future problems and keep your door perfectly aligned with our professional door closer maintenance program. We will make sure your warranty stays valid by carefully maintaining the components that make up your door closer. Our glass specialists refill oil to keep your springs lubricated, replace missing or loose O-rings and screws, and more. We take great care to ensure your entryway operation is in perfect order.

Door Hardware Repair

Many components work together to keep your doors functional and sealed. At Glass Doctor of Savannah, our specialists are trained to perform repairs and maintenance for your entire door, keeping the door and door closer safe for your guests. We will repair or replace your frame, hinges, threshold, locking mechanism, handle, door glass and other hardware. Our team is committed to keeping your business safe and inviting, and we know your door closer care is key. Contact Glass Doctor of Savannah to learn more about our door closer care services for local businesses.