Custom Mirrors in Savannah, GA

Custom mirrors are a wonderful way to add style, charm and character to any area of your home. They can be used in a variety of ways to create that inviting atmosphere your friends and family will love. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Savannah offer a myriad of glass and mirror solutions to complement your existing decor or to inspire new decorating ideas. With years of experience, in-home consultations and a commitment to your satisfaction, our experts will create beautiful pieces for your home you'll adore.

The Many Benefits of Mirrors

The Glass Doctor of Savannah teams wants every addition we supply to work perfectly in your space. During your in-home consultation, we'll discuss the benefits you seek from your new custom mirror. Before setting a meeting with our team, consider the various benefits custom mirrors offer and determine what benefits you'd like in your space.

Create the Illusion of Added Space

Bring new life to small rooms or narrow hallways with custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Savannah. When strategically placed, mirrors reflect adjacent walls and enhance natural lighting from windows and doors to create a more open and inviting atmosphere. A single large mirror or an arrangement of smaller custom mirrors will transform your office or reading nook into a beautiful space that seems spacious. Or, make your small entryway seem more welcoming with a full-length mirror or large framed mirror. Contact our specialists today for an in-home consultation to discover the best placement for new mirrors in your home. A few custom mirror options to consider include:

  • Mirrored walls: Tiled mirrors and large, full wall mirrors are an excellent solution to make narrow hallways seem more spacious.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Create depth in your kitchen or bathroom with a beautiful mirrored backsplash.
  • Statement mirrors: Draw interest to your fireplace, headboard or sofa with statement mirrors.

Emphasize the Beauty of Your Artwork

Decorative mirrors are a great way to accentuate your favorite artwork, collectibles, photos and more. Our specialists will help you choose the perfect tint, edge work, size and shape to complement the style of your existing decor or to inspire your next collection. Draw attention to your most treasured pieces with decorative mirrors like:

  • Mirrored shelves: Your sculptures and other three-dimensional pieces will truly shine when your guests enjoy the panoramic view provided by mirrored shelves.
  • Framed mirrors: Complete your existing arrangement of photographs or wall decor with custom framed mirrors.
  • Hanging mirrors: Highlight your most beautiful pieces when you use hanging mirrors to direct lighting from windows or lamps.

Enhance Lighting

Strategically placed mirrors reflect natural lighting from windows and glass doors, as well as light from lamps, candles and even chandeliers to make spaces feel more inviting. The illuminating effect of custom mirrors will help eliminate the stuffiness that is common in darker spaces and smaller rooms. Bring more light to your home's interior with custom mirrors like:

  • Bedroom mirrors: A custom bedroom mirror works wonders to make your space seem more relaxing.
  • Mounted mirrors: Magnify existing light with mounted mirrors.

Functional Mirrors

Add mirrors to your entryway so you can check your appearance before leaving home. We often install custom pieces in homeowner's bathrooms or bedrooms. Enjoy functional mirror solutions like:

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors add sophistication to bathrooms.
  • Full-length mirrors: Floor-length mirrors are perfect for closet doors, dressing rooms or foyers.

Consulting with our team will result in professional products. We are happy to discuss the various benefits of custom mirrors during a short consultation. Contact Glass Doctor of Savannah to learn more about the benefits of placing custom mirrors in your home.