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Glass Table Tops

Home improvement and interior design projects can take on a life of their own. You won’t always find what you’re looking for and have to look to customized solutions to finish the look you’re trying to achieve. One material many don’t consider for projects is glass. Glass is a versatile material that serves many purposes in your home. It is beneficial for many reasons, including the ability to add a feature or piece of furniture that won’t overwhelm the space. It adds a sleek element, which is both functional and beautiful. Two ways you can use custom glass decor in your home are glass table tops and custom shelving. The team at Glass Doctor® of San Angelo, TX is available for consultations and is ready to make your home decor projects come to life.

Benefits of Custom Glass Decor

Beyond how it looks, glass also has other excellent benefits. They include:

  • Cleaning glass is easy
  • Glass can be customized in numerous ways with edges, finishes, shapes, weights and tints
  • Safety glass is available for custom glass decor

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass Table Tops

It’s helpful to explore the many ways you can use glass table tops. Glass table tops aren’t limited to the dining area.

  • Outdoor furniture: Outdoor tables can be finished with safety glass, making your outdoor or pool area hazard-free.
  • Desktops: If you have a home office that’s limited in size, or simply like the look of glass, our specialists will design a glass desktop that suits your needs. You can customize size, weight and finishes so it fits seamlessly into your interior.
  • Coffee and side tables: Maximize the ambiance of your living room with glass. With the right base, you can add a beautiful focal point, or design unobtrusive furniture that doesn’t weigh down the space.
  • Antique furniture: Protect the top of antique dressers, tables and hutches with a layer of custom-sized glass.
  • Dining room table: Create an eating space that reflects your needs. Round, square or rectangle, our team can cut the ideal size table for your family.

Glass Shelving

Enhance shelving and display furniture with custom glass shelves. They add a unique style that enhances visual appeal. A glass shelf won’t detract from the items you’re trying to display, and they reduce an overcrowded look.

Glass shelves can be configured to your tastes. Choose finishes, weight and distance between shelves. Glass shelving can be incorporated into any room in the house.

Glass Options in a Business Setting

Custom glass decor isn’t limited to the home. Businesses also benefit from glass solutions. Meeting rooms, conference tables and desks are all ways to use glass in your place of business.

The Consultation

If you’re ready to talk to one of our glass specialists about your options for glass table tops and shelving, give our team a call. During your free consultation we’ll talk to you about edgework detail, shape, thickness, glass tints and safety. Some of your options will include:

  • Safety: Tempered and laminated glass
  • Glass tints: Protect against harmful UV rays
  • Thickness: Choose a weight that best fits your project
  • Edges: Flat, bull nose, pencil, mitre, OG, beveled, waterfall
  • Shapes: Square, round, oval, rectangular

Glass Doctor of San Angelo, TX will breathe new life into your custom home or business projects. Don't settle for store-bought items when you can have exactly what you want! Call or email our team now!