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Double Pane Windows

In any home, the number one source of temperature exchange occurs through the windows. Hot and cold air are lost through drafty and improperly sealed windows. This problem can be exacerbated in locations that experience extreme weather conditions. As a result, not only will you and your family struggle to maintain a comfortable internal temperature within your home, you will also lose hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year.

Glass Doctor® of San Angelo, TX has the perfect solution that will help regulate the climate in your home, dramatically increase energy efficiency and cut down on noise pollution. Our double pane, insulated glass units (IGUs) use the latest technology to provide a whole host of benefits in one product. If your windows are collecting condensation between the panes or have taken on a milky appearance, it is time to give us a call for a double pane window consultation.

Double Pane Window Benefits

double pane window

Insulated glass has been specially designed to keep heat in during the winter and reflect heat away from the house during the summer. This helps create a more controlled and consistent temperature within your home year-round. A properly sealed window will prevent hot or cool air from escaping, which means that your heating and cooling system won't have to work as hard.

In addition to improving energy efficiency in your home, our insulated glass system also cuts down on noise pollution. The double pane design can block out unwanted noise that can easily penetrate other less sturdy windows. This is especially important it you live close to a busy road or downtown area. With our windows, you can enjoy peace and quiet in your home, no matter what is going on outside.

Double Pane Window Design

Each insulated glass unit is constructed of two high quality glass panes that are separated by an insulated glass spacer. The spacer acts as a sealant between the two panes and is typically filled with material that is designed to absorb moisture. Common insulators include a desiccant and a similar product known as warm-edge glass spacer. Both of these innovative materials work to create a strong barrier that will regulate temperatures and block out noise.

The entire border of each window is sealed in order to further prevent condensation from gathering between the panes and cutting down on the efficiency of each unit. Adding argon or krypton gas between the two panes even further insulates certain insulated glass units. All this is done to ensure maximum performance. Multiple layers of insulation and sealants mean better protection and longer lasting windows for your home.

Unfortunately, the seal can break over time, especially when windows are continually exposed to harsh weather conditions. If you have noticed signs of a broken seal, Glass Doctor of San Angelo, TX is here to help. Call today or schedule an in-home consultation online. Our glass experts will come to your home, fully evaluate your windows and recommend the best course of action.

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