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Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors in a home make living space more attractive and greatly increase the home's value. Choose your mirrors designs carefully to create and augment illusions of light or depth.

Glass Doctor® of San Angelo, TX specializes in many custom glass options, including a broad range of mirrors. Our glass specialists will help you select a unique mirror that blends with your home's decor and your personal tastes; our cutting and installation techniques are up to the highest professional standards.

Create Depth and Augment Light

Well-placed mirrors make rooms look bigger and brighter, which in turn causes the room to appear more inviting and friendly to family, guests and potential buyers. Tiled or framed mirrors, in particular, are tasteful touches that highlight a home's natural features.

Some other frequently chosen custom mirrors include a mirrored wall to increase the size of a hallway, or a mirrored backsplash to add depth to a cramped kitchen. A statement mirror gives a personal touch to headboards, fireplaces or other rooms.

Don't forget about a mirror's natural ability to increase light in otherwise dark spaces. Bedroom mirrors can increase a room's natural light, and mounted custom mirrors can increase the amount of artificial light available in studies or living rooms. Our glass specialists will help you select the perfect mirror for your home, keeping in mind any decorating challenges your space poses.

Highlight and Accentuate Your Home's Features

Custom mirrors also showcase some of your home's most eye-catching aesthetic touches. With a range of edges, tints, frames and finishes available, Glass Doctor of San Angelo, TX will help you select the perfect decorative mirror for your home.

Mirrored shelves, for instance, give a 360-degree view of the art pieces or collectibles on them. A well-placed hanging mirror will redirect attention to a particularly striking work of art. And framed mirrors are a versatile way to add color, light and depth to a wall of pictures or paintings.

Catch Light and the Eye

Glass Doctor of San Angelo, TX provides custom mirrors with finishes and frames to match your decor and needs. Full-length or floor-to-ceiling mirrors, for example, work wonders in bedrooms, closets and entryways, allowing you the chance to get a good look at yourself when you need it most. A framed mirror in the bathroom adds a sophisticated touch.

Custom mirrors are the perfect addition to many homes. For more information about these and other custom glass options, contact Glass Doctor of San Angelo, TX today. Our glass specialists will measure, cut and install the mirror you've always wanted.