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Windshield Repair and Replacement

A ding or crack in your car's windshield is more than annoyance. If it's in the driver's line of site, it can be a safety factor and possibly keep your car from passing a state inspection. Don't let a small imperfection destroy your view, contact Glass Doctor® of Reed City, MI, for assistance. Our experts specialize in windshield crack repair and quality windshield replacement. I less than an hour, we will repair most small dings or cracks on your windshield. If your windshield is severely damaged, trust our team to deliver an honest diagnosis for replacement. We take great pride in making windshield repair and replacement fast, easy, and affordable.

Windshield Service Factors

There are a few exceptions, but the most important factors that determine the type of care your windshield needs are the age, location and size of the damage.


If your windshield has had minor damage for several months, dirt and grim will have built up. Windshield crack repair will not be successful if the site is not clean, which is why we always recommend immediate action in the even of damage.


Any damage directly in the driver's line of vision usually requires a complete replacement. Repairs leave a ghostly outline, which may distract a driver. It is crucial drivers have maximum clarity, which cannot be achieved if a repair has blurred their site line.


Damage bigger than a dime and longer than a credit card is beyond the scope of repair service. Our team will survey your damage to determine the role the size plays in your options for windshield repair.

Quick and Easy Windshield Repairs

If your ding or crack is less than three inches, outside the driver's direct view and away from the edges of your windshield, it can almost always be professionally repaired. Most major insurance carriers will waive your deductible for this type of repair, so, when you contact Glass Doctor of Reed City, MI, chances are good you won't even have to worry about payment. Our friendly customer service team will make you feel right at home as our experts quickly assess your damage. We are able to send a mobile team to your location, if you prefer on-the-spot assistance. Our team always looks for repair options first before recommending replacement service.

Trustworthy Windshield Replacement

Sometimes it is unsafe to repair a windshield, so our team will recommend you opt for a windshield replacement service. If our crew recommends windshield replacement, we will make sure you get the safest, sturdiest new windshield available. Our team is trained and experienced in Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) approved installation techniques, and any windshield we install for you will meet the highest industry standards for safety. Also, every new windshield from Glass Doctor of Reed City is backed by our Windshield Protection Plan. If your new windshield is damaged within the first 12 months, we'll repair it free of charge or replace the glass. We also offer other guarantee plans to best suit your coverage needs.

When you notice damage in your car's glass, quick windshield crack repair is important. There's no reason to wait for more damage to develop. Contact Glass Doctor of Reed City, MI, at the first sign of trouble, and let us get you safely back on the road fast.