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Security Film

Osceola County drivers, homeowners and business managers rely on Glass Doctor® of Reed City, MI, for glass protection and beautiful decor. One of the ways we can protect and preserve your assets is security film. Our security film can be clear or tinted, subtle or bold, and can enhance or create a focal point for your interior design. If your property is important enough to insure, it’s important enough to protect with security film that will block heat and UV rays that damage interior upholstery and fine furnishings.

Safety First

Your home and property are most likely your greatest asset. Safety film is an excellent deterrent to vandals and damage from extreme weather because it adheres to the glass, forming a barrier that is difficult to penetrate. The most important factor is that the glass also adheres to the safety film, so if breakage occurs, your family, customers, employees and pets are protected from glass shards that would normally fall to the ground. You can also use a darker tinted glass to provide more privacy in selected, sensitive areas.

Filtered Light is Energy Efficient

Michigan has so many gray days that all of us appreciate the warmth and illumination natural sunlight provides! Allowing sunlight into your home or business can improve your attitude; people are more efficient and have a positive attitude when outside light is allowed inside. However, sunlight can expose us to harmful UV rays that also damage valuable carpeting and fabrics. When Glass Doctor of Reed City, MI, installs safety film at your home or office, the natural light is filtered, so you still have the energy-saving and attitude-uplifting benefits of sunlight with less risk.

Reduce Glare, Increase Comfort

Glaring, reflected sunlight makes your eyes water and causes visual problems. In addition to blurred vision, drivers may have a depth perception problem from squinting and a response delay. It only takes a few seconds to recover from a bright glare, during which time drivers are temporarily blind behind the wheel. Workers whose computers are reflecting bright light lose valuable productivity time adjusting monitors and themselves to see their screens. The bright light not only makes them uncomfortable, it can create ergonomic problems for your business. Even a subtle tint on your security film can have a positive effect on comfort and safety.

Enjoy our Glass Expertise

The Glass Doctor of Reed City, MI, glass professionals are residents of Mecosta, Mason, Reed City and surrounding areas, so it’s important for us to provide the best possible quality of service to our neighbors. We also want to support and protect our area businesses while saving them money. Ask us how your security film will lower energy costs and protect our environment. A consultation to review your current and future glass and mirror needs is free, call 616-723-8440 or contact Glass Doctor of Reed City, MI, today.