Door Closer Repair Service in Tulare County

Doors which fail to close properly ruin the impression of a well-functioning business and may impact safety and security in your building. Glass Doctor® of Tulare County keeps every entrance of your business in good repair. We will systematically check each door for problems and swiftly correct any issues. Count on our trained team to deliver the best door closer repair in Tulare County.

When You Need a Door Closer Repair

Incorrect door closers: When heavy doors are fitted with weak springs or the wrong type of closer, they become difficult to open and close.

  • Improperly installed door closers: This issue will lead to damage, misalignment and abnormal movements in your door, reducing the lifespan of the closer.
  • Broken seals: A damaged seal will lead to a clearance gap, exposing the hardware of your door closer.
  • Lubricant leak: Oil leaks are due to broken seals and other mechanical problems, such as a missing screw or damaged O-rings. Low levels of lubricant affect the open and close speed of your door, which is at best annoying and at worst a risk of injury.
  • Locking problems: A closer which does not properly latch and lock puts pressure on the frame and weakens the lock.

You Need the Professional Touch

Only trained professionals like the specialists at Glass Doctor of Tulare County have the knowledge and skills to install, repair and maintain door closers. If you try repair a door closer yourself or hire an untrained individual, you will void the warranty of your door closer. Instead of risking the warranty, call on our team to make door maintenance easy. To receive a door closer repair or seek attention for another element of your doors, such as frames, hinges or thresholds, contact Glass Doctor of Tulare County.