Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Tulare County, CA

Auto glass damage is a serious safety hazard. Even a small crack or chip can cause major problems when it obstructs your view. At Glass Doctor® of Tulare County, we want to keep you safe. We are proud to offer Porterville drivers quality auto glass care, from windshield replacements and economical auto glass repair to a full line of auto glass products, installation guarantees, and unrivaled customer service.

Windshield Care

Chips and dings in your windshield can lead to major issues if left untended. Glass Doctor of Tulare County offers economical repair and replacement options for glass damage at any stage. We make caring for your auto glass as stress-free and easy as possible; we’ll file insurance paperwork to present your claim.

Windshield Services

Your windshield is one the keys to maintaining your vehicle’s structural integrity. We are careful when we install a replacement. We follow Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) standards. We do the work quickly, yet are handle each windshield carefully. Many modern windshield models have embedded technology, such as antennas and humidity, temperature, and rain sensors, so our specialists carefully care for every pane to keep these items intact.

We repair minor windshield damage when the process restores your car's safety. Our repairs are economical and our mobile unit completes the work at the location of your choice.

Auto Glass Replacement

Modern vehicle designs incorporate glass to create a stylish look and to reduce overall vehicle weight. Tempered glass is the safest design choice for side glass, sunroof, quarter glass and back glass panels because it breaks into chunks when damaged instead of shattering into unsafe pieces. The nature of these panes means the glass cannot be repaired if broken. Our team will install a matching pane to ensure your safety and vehicle security.

Auto Glass Protection

When Glass Doctor of Tulare County replaces your windshield, we offer a number of additional benefits to keep your windshield in the best condition.

  • When your new windshield is damaged due to a road hazard within 12 months, we replace it. Windshield Protection Plan terms and conditions apply.
  • Optional guarantee upgrades to cover cost of labor and materials not covered by the basic Windshield Protection Plan.

Drive Safely

We want your family and your car to be safe. Contact Glass Doctor of Tulare County today and schedule your auto glass repair or replacement or for more information.