Professional Custom Mirrors in Tulare County, CA

Man installing glass tabletop with woman wearing glasses watching him while sitting on couch


Creating an appealing atmosphere in your home or office requires a personal touch. At Glass Doctor of Tulare County, we understand that your home or office décor reflects your personal style. That's why we offer a wide.

We create custom mirrors and glass decor to give your space a unique look. With years of industry experience, our specialists generate customized embellishments that impress visitors and establish an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

Comfort and Cost-Saving Advantages

Custom mirrors generate specific benefits for your home and office. When placed strategically near windows and lamps, mirrors magnify and broadcast indoor light, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption. Limit your electricity use during daylight hours by maximizing natural sunlight.

Custom mirrors can help make your rooms appear more spacious by reflecting natural light. Perfect for limited square footage, custom-crafted mirrors expand cramped spaces. Ideas include:

  • Mirrored backsplashes around kitchen sink areas and countertops
  • Framed statement mirrors placed in foyers, entry halls, and over fireplace mantles
  • Floor to ceiling wall mirrors in bathrooms or installed on wardrobe doors or walk-in closets

Bring Your Art and Home Decor to Life

Available in many frames, tints, edges and finishes, our custom mirrors will look amazing next to your cherished art or decor items.

Add style to a space without a huge renovation with these mirrors:

  • Statement mirrors: Make a big impression, great for placement above a headboard, mantle or fireplace.
  • Mirrored shelves: Impress friends, family and loved ones by exhibiting your favorite collectibles or antiques on mirrored shelves.
  • Leaner mirrors: These mirrors bring a hint of sophistication to any space.

Develop the Illusion of Space and Create Depth

The placement of mirrors in your home will greatly enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. Mirrors are excellent at reflecting both natural and artificial light, making them a great solution to illuminating dark rooms or hallways. To receive expert assistance, contact Glass Doctor of Porterville to set up a consultation during a time that works best for you.

Mirrors made to expand space:

  • Mirrored backsplash: Give your kitchen a modern touch while tricking the eye to see a bigger space.
  • Mirrored wall: Perfect for adding depth in small rooms or optimal for workout centers.
  • Hanging mirrors: Excellent for moving natural light toward dark corners and deepening cramped spaces.

Unlimited Decorating Options

With customized mirrors and glass decor, you’re able to let your imagination be your guide. Our glass experts can help you with your personal designs and give you advice on how much weight they can provide for safe installation. We take your ideas and turn them into specifications for fabrication, ensuring that your home or office decor looks exactly as you envisioned it. Choose from unlimited decorating options, including:

Superior Protection and Service

Our industry experts provide up-front pricing with detailed work orders. This means that you will know exactly how much your mirror project will cost and that it will be completed exactly as you wanted. Our courteous, helpful specialists will assist you in determining your design, and offer alternative installation options if required.

We also offer Hydrophobic glass coating to strengthen the surface of your custom mirrors and glass decor. The one-time application resists scratches, mineral deposits, and dirt build-up for five years. Begin your customized decorations by contacting Glass Doctor of Tulare County to schedule your consultation today.

  • Mirrored Shelves - Create a 360-degree view of your fine art, sculptures, and collectibles.
  • Tabletop Options - Mirrored or glass tabletops protect the finish of your valuable furniture or antiques.
  • Custom Mirrors - We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and tints for your custom mirrors. As well as a variety of edge design options that allow you to accentuate its unique shape and style.