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Door Closer Repair Service

Glass Doctor®of Port St. Lucie supplies El Paso County businesses with the highest quality door closer care services available. We provide door closer repair and replacement, as well as preventative maintenance services to keep your employees and customers safe.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers are everywhere, we use them daily without particularly noticing they're there. As simple as a spring on a screen door, or as sophisticated as a modern door opening device, we only seem to acknowledge them when they stop working correctly. Yet, when door closers become damaged, leak, or break, they present a potentially serious risk to people who enter and exit your business. The function of a door closer is to provide a gentle, controlled closing action after a door has been opened and released. When someone opens the door, the gear teeth located within the closer engage and force hydraulic fluid to flow back and forth between an interior reservoir and a space left by a moving piston. The hydraulic fluid controls the door's closing speed, and as the piston smoothly returns to its original position, the door closes.

Door Closer Care Services

At Glass Doctor of Port St. Lucie, our door closer care services include a maintenance program designed to maximize a door closer's lifespan and ensure it remains in perfect working condition. Door closer failures are often the direct result of improperly trained maintenance personnel. When individuals with little or no training perform maintenance or repairs to door closers, the results are often catastrophic. It's important that door closers be serviced and installed by experienced specialists. Our door closer care experts have the proper tools and training required to professionally install and maintain your business' closers. A Seal Repair leak from your door closer generally means a missing screw, broken O-rings, or failed seals. Not only does your door closer's hardware become vulnerable during such times, a leaking closer presents a real risk to customers and employees. Dripping oil will make the floor below slick, posing a slip and fall risk. When the door closer loses its ability to control the door, the door swings freely, which may cause serious injury, as well as severe damage to the door and frame.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you want to ensure the safety of your customers and employees, regular door closer maintenance is a must. Glass Doctor of Port St. Lucie offers local businesses a door closer maintenance program that guarantees your door's hardware is in good working condition. When you use our expert services, you'll receive competitive, up-front pricing, fast and friendly service, and a quick response time. Our knowledgeable team of specialists assists in keeping the daily flow of customers to your business smooth and consistent. El Paso County malls, restaurants, offices, municipal buildings, hospitals and retail establishments all benefit from our excellent door closer care services. Contact us today to learn how we can make those same services a part of your business' overall maintenance and safety plan.