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Double Pane Window Services in Paradise Valley

Double pane windows are a sound investment for homes and businesses. Installing high-quality double pane windows helps reduce energy consumption and noise pollution. Trust Glass Doctor® of Paradise Valley to install, replace, or repair the double pane windows at your property.


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Why Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows, also known as insulated glass units (IGUs), are manufactured by sandwiching panes of glass together. Between the panes an air lock is formed—commonly filled with a gas like argon. IGUs are better insulators than single pane windows, which means they reduce energy use, heat transfer, sound transfer, and more.

Double Pane Window Installation and Replacement

If your windows pre-date 1980, there’s a good chance you have single pane windows. Upgrading to double pane windows may help you significantly reduce your energy bills, and Glass Doctor will make the process easy. We offer double pane window installation in Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas, for both renovations and new builds.

Additionally, we can replace existing double-pane windows if there’s damage or you want a new look.

Our team will help you select new windows and plan for service. When we’re done with your double pane window services, we will dispose of old glass and frames for you.

When Should I Replace My Double Pane Window?

Just like single pane windows, double pane windows are susceptible to damage and normal wear and tear. Look out for the signs that indicate it’s time for replacement:

  • A milky appearance to the glass
  • Condensation forming between the panes
  • Distorted or broken panes

Is a Double Pane Window Repair Possible?

Unlike single panes, double pane windows can be difficult to repair. While a single, broken pane may be replaced, the window will lose some of its insulative properties once the airlock is disturbed. In a pinch, repairing your existing double pane window will buy you time before replacement.

Find Double Pane Window Replacement Near Me

When it’s time for a window upgrade in Paradise Valley, choose Glass Doctor. Our technicians are fast, efficient, and experts in all things IGUs. Request an appointment online or call (480) 955-2835 to get started.

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