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Sneeze Guards and Glass Barriers in Paradise Valley

Whether made from plexiglass or glass, sneeze guards and similar glass barriers offer important protection against the spread of viruses. Businesses are investing in glass barriers wherever their employees interact closely with the public. Do your part to limit the spread of pathogens like the flu, common cold, and COVID-19 by asking Glass Doctor® to fit your space with proper sneeze guards in the Paradise Valley area.

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What Is a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards are an important feature of buildings in many industries, such as food service and manufacturing. These barriers can be made of plexiglass, tempered glass, or Lexan. They protect food, products, and people from being exposed to airborne germs.

You’ve almost certainly seen sneeze guard glass at:

  • Buffets
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Pharmacies
  • Movie theaters
  • And more

Sneeze Guard Materials

Most sneeze guards are made from one of three materials:

  1. Plexiglass: A type of lightweight, scratch-resistant acrylic. Consider getting plexiglass sneeze guards at your Paradise Valley business, as they are stronger than standard glass and resist yellowing.
  2. Lexan: A resin thermoplastic that is best suited for active environments because it is much more flexible than plexiglass or traditional glass. If something hits the barrier, it’s less likely to break than other materials.
  3. Standard glass: This material is often the best choice for permanent glass barrier applications, due to its superior resistance to scratching and yellowing.

Our technicians will help you determine the right sneeze guard or barrier material for any environment. Then we’ll work out a swift plan for getting your new barriers installed.

Sneeze Guards and Glass Barriers in Paradise Valley

When it comes to keeping your employees and customers safe with glass barriers, it’s worth investing in professional-grade materials and installation services. You can count on Glass Doctor of Paradise Valley to bring insight and experience to the table.

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