Professional Double Pane Window Services in Orlando

Insulated windows are made from two or more layers of glass with a space between them to provide an insulating effect. Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL will recommend one of many types of insulating windows for your home. The main difference is the space between the glasses, which might contain desiccant material (moisture-absorbing substance) or argon gas.

a male Glass Doctor service professional standing with a man and woman next to a foggy window inside of a home The glass may also be separated by a super spacer (non-conductive rubber or silicone-foam spacer), also called a warm-edge glass spacer. The space between the panes is permanently sealed and airtight.

What Are the Advantages of Double Pane Windows?

Insulated glass units (IGUs) provide your Orlando home with a variety of advantages:

  • IGUs keep conditioned air inside your home when it's warm outside.
  • Trap warm inside when it's cold outside.
  • Assist with noise reduction so that you can relax peacefully inside your home.
  • Your home stays at your preferred temperature, so your HVAC system doesn't have to work overtime, which helps with lowering your utility bills.

When Should I Replace My Double Pane Windows?

Remember, you may not need to replace your whole window to make your insulated glass unit look good as new. At Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL, we strive to provide local homeowners with the best service so that they will be repeat customers for future glass needs.

We will not sell you new insulated windows you don't need, and our glass specialists can often install replacement insulated glass units using your existing window frame. If you need new double pane windows, our team will recommend the best type for your home to stay within your budget.

How Can I Learn More About Double Pane Windows?

If you don't have insulated windows currently, or if yours are damaged, contact Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL. We will evaluate your windows and provide an accurate quote for double pane window replacement or new installation. Schedule an appointment online!

FAQs about Double Pane Windows

Are there a variety of gases that can be used for the insulating layer in double pane windows?

Yes, some common gases we use at Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL include argon and krypton, which provide better insulation than air.

Are double pane windows resistant to condensation?

Double pane windows are less prone to condensation compared to single pane windows. The insulating layer assists with maintaining a more consistent temperature, which can decrease the likelihood of moisture buildup.