Door Closer Repair Service

Leaving a good first impression is essential to any business. The moment a customer walks through your door, an impression is created. Don't ruin the chance to make a stellar impact; maintain your entrance with the assistance of Glass Doctor® of Orlando, FL. Our team ensures the proper operation and safety of your commercial doors by offering professional manual door closer care and repair services.

How Door Closers Function

A manual door closer helps make a door easy to open without the need for it to be physically pushed. If a manual door closer is properly installed, then the user should be able to feel some resistance as they open the door. After experiencing this resistance, the door will glide open smoothly. Once the customer enters, a spring located in the door closer should force the mechanism's arm to gently return the door to a closed position. While this may seem simple, the closer at your establishment will not perform correctly if parts are broken or poorly installed.

Our Door Closer Care Services

The following are some of the reasons why you may need our Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL, door closer care services:

Wrong Type of Door Closer

When a door has the wrong type of door closer installed, then it could present a safety risk. It could also result in the door becoming misaligned. If a door is off track damage to the door or the door closer will occur. This means a heavier door will require a strong door closer.

Door Closers Improperly Installed or Adjusted

A door closer that isn't properly installed or adjusted will result in doorframe damage, door misalignment and unexpected or abnormal movements of the door. Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL, specialists have the tools and experience necessary to properly install and maintain your door closer, including correctly adjusting its spring. This will ensure the lifespan of your door closer is maximized and that it will remain in good working condition.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

A broken seal will expose the clearance gap, which will leave your hardware vulnerable and cause lubricant leaks. Low oil levels result in poor lubrication, which in turn cause your doors to open or close too quickly. To prevent this safety hazard, our specialists will replace the oil in your door closer and check for mechanical problems as well, including failed seals, missing screws and broken O-rings.

Locking Issues

Locking problems pose a risk to the security of the building and affects the condition of the locking mechanism itself, the doorframe and the door closer.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Do not attempt to perform door closer maintenance or repair tasks yourself. Beyond possibly worsening the problem, repairs completed without proper training may void your door closer warranty. All of Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL, specialists have the extensive training required to install, maintain and repair your door closers to ensure your doors are not only in good condition but are also safe to use. To schedule an onsite consultation, contact one of our experts at Glass Doctor of Orlando, FL, today.