Sunroof Repair and Replacement

Studies show that 37 percent of vehicles have sunroofs installed in them. Shown as an increasingly popular feature in cars, a sunroof, otherwise known as moonroof, provides ventilation, sunlight on a warm day, and extra head space. This feature, while beneficial, can also succumb to issues, such as glass breakage, leaking, or stuck mechanics. Glass Doctor of Northeast Albuquerque employs trained technicians who have the experience and tools capable to repair or replace your sunroof today!

Types of Sunroofs

Just like other glass types, it is important to know which type of sunroof you have in your vehicle. There are a variety of sunroofs that Glass Doctor of Northeast Albuquerque is able to repair or replace:

  • Sliding: One of the most common options seen in cars today, these sunroofs are generally operated by a switch inside the vehicle’s cabin. The glass panel may slide back into the roof of the car, or back at an angle on top of the roof. These types often feature a sliding sun shade inside your vehicle as a way to eliminate harsh sun rays.
  • Panoramic: These sunroofs are not just for the drivers, but for back seat passengers as well. The sunroof spans from the front of the vehicle to the back, allowing for massive amounts of light, air and views of the sky. Some cars also have dual sunroofs which allow passengers in the rear of the vehicle to operate their own separately.
  • Fixed: Mostly Pop-Up sunroofs, these are transparent and let a small amount of light in constantly, but do not slide open, and merely act as a vent. Some could act as a pop-out and be removed completely.

Most Common Problems

If you are noticing problems with your sunroof or moonroof, it may be time to bring your vehicle in to Glass Doctor of Northeast Albuquerque. There are a number of problems that your sunroof can run into as you drive.

  • Broken Glass: Your glass sunroofs could be experiencing mechanical problems, such as breakage or loose glass. Your glass could also run the risk of sticking, popping, or twisting with the mechanism. Sometimes this can be a simple lubrication problem, but it is often a simple maintenance step that is overlooked until it’s too late. Glass Doctor of Northeast Albuquerque comes with the skills necessary to repair broken glass panes.
  • Stuck Sunroofs: Sticking or binding may also be caused by worn or broken cables. If your sunroof becomes inoperable or is stuck when you are trying to open it, there could be an electrical problem at work, such as a blown fuse, broken wire, or a dead switch or motor.
  • Leaking: Leaking can be one of the largest issues that drivers face with sunroofs. The glass of your sunroof is tilted either up or down to protect the interior of your car from water damage, but when drains get clogged or the seals of your sunroof fail, water can pile up in the drains that line your glass and leak into your car.

If you are in need of sunroof or moonroof repair, Glass Doctor of Northeast Albuquerque is here to help. Schedule an appointment with our trained specialists today or call us at (505) 433-2811 today!