Custom Glass Shelving & Tabletops in Mullica Hill

Give your New Jersey home or office a new look and feel with glass shelves and tabletops from Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill. Custom glass decor offers an ambiance that is second to none, with the added benefit of easy maintenance. The creation of these items is fully customizable. We offer a wide variety of styles, edges and glass types.

Custom shelves and tabletops contribute to the feel and functionality of your home and business. They bring depth and light into any room thanks to light transmission and reflection. For a dramatic, eye-catching look, nothing says “breathtaking” like a custom shelf or tabletop configuration. Custom shelving and tabletops are the perfect organizational and design solution for any space in your home or business.

Creating Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are fully customizable home decor items. We can customize the thickness, the type, tempering, edge types and corners. Glass table tops also allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Custom tabletops are an ideal solution for:

  • Dining room tables
  • Writing desks
  • Coffee tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room tables

Glass Tabletops Options:

Our expert team offers glass tabletops in a variety of shapes, sizes and finished edges you can choose from.

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Racetrack
  • Octagon
  • Pencil
  • Flat polished
  • Beleved
  • Decorative

About Glass Shelving

Once you are ready to begin the custom glass specialists, then contact one of our specialists. Our specialists can help you determine what your exact design vision is and discuss the various ways glass shelving can be used. You can create shelving to store towels in the bathrooms, display pictures in your living room, or showcase merchandise in your business. Once we determine your vision, then we will work hard to bring the vision to life.

Glass Shelving Options

Our specialists at Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill can help you determine what shelving design works best for your home or business. We can design the perfect shelves for any room, from closets to kitchens.

Our specialist can help you with:

  • Style and design: To enhance the ambiance.
  • Height and configuration: To avoid wasted space.
  • The number of shelves and distances between shelves: To avoid overpowering your room or creating storage snafus (having items that are too tall or large to fit onto shelves).
  • Glass, tinting, and color options: To match your personal style and needs.

Need a little extra protection?

Tinted glass: Tinting glass helps block harmful UV rays, preventing the fading of furniture over time.

Safety glass: Outdoor pieces of furniture, such as patio tables and poolside pieces, require specialty glass. Our team offers the option of custom measured safety glass including tempered and limited, to protect children, adults and other items from breakage.

How Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill Can Help

Glass Doctor offers professional consultation from specialists who possess the knowledge and experience to measure and fit shelving. As part of your consultation, our specialists will help you make the best decision for your home or business regarding edge work detail, thickness and glass tint, while avoiding potential safety issues related to heavier glass.

Don’t settle for store-bought shelving. For custom home décor glass elements in Mullica Hill, Washington Township, National Park, Bridgeport, and the surrounding areas, contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill for a professional consultation today or call (856) 329-9993.