Double Pane Window Repair and Window Replacement in Mullica Hill

New Jersey weather can be temperamental, to say the least. To help protect your home from summer highs and winter lows, contact Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Mullica Hill and upgrade your single pane windows to double pane units. We also repair existing double pane windows.

For double pane window repairs, replacement, and installation in Mullica Hill, call (856) 329-9993 today.

Double Pane Window Repair

Many homeowners may not notice the signs that they need to replace their insulated glass units (IGUs). If you currently have double pane windows, make sure that you don’t have an unidentified air leak, which can lead to foggy windows, as well as increased heating and cooling bills.

If the leak is caused by damage to the actual pane such as chips or cracks, then you’ll probably need to get the window replaced.

If you aren’t sure, contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill to schedule an inspection to determine what you need to solve your problems.

When Should I Replace My IGU?

These signs indicate that your IGU is likely beyond repair:

  • Significant condensation or fog between the panes.
  • Visible damage (mainly cracks or chips) in the panes.
  • Damage to the frame, making opening and closing difficult.
  • The windows are over 20 years old.

Double Pane Window Replacement and Installation

Because you might not always be able to repair your windows, replacement or installation of a new window pane might be the better choice to meet your needs. Taking the opportunity to upgrade your single pane windows to double pane windows will save money on your energy bills and, thanks to the increased insulation, reduce noise entering your home from outside.

From single window to full-home window replacements or new-build projects, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Mullica Hill can help.

Why Insulated Glass Units?

A single pane of glass will keep the elements out, but a double pane window will do that and more. The advantages come from the design, which has two panes spaced about 3/8 inch apart. Between the two panes isn’t merely an empty space; there’s actually a gas (most often argon) to reduce airflow. This space also adds noise reduction, meaning that you’ll be able to relax inside without being disrupted by your neighbors’ lawn mowers or passing traffic.

Find Double Pane Window Repair and Window Replacement in Mullica Hill

If you need to have double pane windows replaced or installed in Bridgeport, Clarksboro, Ewan, Gibbstown, Glassboro, Harrisonville, Mantua, Mickleton, Mount Royal, Mullica Hill, Sewell, National Park and surrounding areas, then it’s time to reach out to Glass Doctor. Request a job estimate online or call (856) 329-9993 today to get started.

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