Windshield Services

If your vehicle ever suffers windshield damage, it’s important to act quickly and responsibly in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Ignoring any chips or cracks will result in the accumulation of debris, ultimately worsening the condition of your windshield and subsequently putting you at risk. Don’t delay windshield work! Pass your vehicle on to the trustworthy hands of Glass Doctor® of Midland, TX, and our team of highly skilled glass specialists will do the rest.

Windshield repair at Glass Doctor of Midland, TX

Our staff possess the greatest auto glass care knowledge, ability and resources, providing a customer-focused service that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you arrange your first appointment. We work alongside you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is being handled by some of the finest glass care specialists in the state.

Our specialists will help you to make an informed decision with regards to fixing your windshield, deducing whether a repair is necessary or if replacement is a better option. When evaluating your windshield, our specialists use specific criteria to determine which option is best:

  • Size: Repair is possible for any chips smaller than 3/8 inch and cracks less than three inches long.
  • Location: Most cracks are repairable unless they sit in direct line with the driver’s sight.
  • Timespan: The sooner that windshield damage is addressed, the more likely it is that a repair will be possible.

Windshield Repair

If Glass Doctor of Midland, TX specialists determine that repair is the most appropriate option for your windshield they will proceed to use industry standards to repair any damage. During the repair process our team begins by removing any debris from the impacted windshield area, and then injects a special resin into the glass. After the resin has cured, we thoroughly polish your windshield to restore clarity. Our windshield repair is:

  • Timesaving: Windshield repairs typically take no longer than one hour.
  • Frugal: Many insurance companies cover simple windshield repairs, and the whole process may even be completely free in some cases.
  • Simple: Glass Doctor of Midland, TX works with a wide variety of insurance carriers, so we know how to file the paperwork. Plus, we come to you to perform repairs.
  • Green: Environmentally friendly practices are employed, and your old glass is kept out of a landfill.

Windshield Replacement

Glass Doctor of Midland, TX is able to offer assistance even when your windshield is damaged beyond repair. Our team will conduct an exceptional replacement service that will restore your vehicle and ensures your safety on the road. Our five-step process assures your safety:

  • Carefully removal of the original damaged windshield
  • A suitable windshield replacement is secured; our windshields meet the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS).
  • We install the windshield following the procedures of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC)
  • The resin cures until it is safe to drive away, usually an hour
  • Our glass polish is applied

Every new installation includes our Windshield Protection Plan, your new windshield is protected for 12 months from the replacement date.

For a wide selection of proficient automotive windshield repair and replacement services contact Glass Doctor of /location-name?fid=659 today or schedule an appointment online.