Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are one of the most versatile ways to refresh your home decor without the expense and disruption of many other projects. They add sparkle and brightness to any room or space and enhance every style.

The service professionals at Glass Doctor ® of Midland, TX have the expertise and experience you need to design, cut, and install the right custom glass solutions. Whether you'd like to brighten a dark hallway or want a stunning signature piece to hang over your fireplace, trust us to create unique mirrors that impress.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors reflect all available artificial and natural light, so they make any space brighter. They're also an excellent way to reflect and highlight features such as an appealing view or a beautiful archway. Tiled or framed mirrors elevate your home's decor in the perfect marriage of form and function. Schedule an in-home consultation today, and our service professionals will collaborate with you to locate the places in your home that will benefit from the addition of custom mirrors.

Choose from the following options to create custom mirrors that will enhance any decor:

  • Size
  • Shapes
  • Edging
  • Tints
  • Finishes
  • Frames

Accentuate Your Home Decor

Every custom glass option gives you the opportunity for home enhancement.

Statement Mirrors

A large mirror above a fireplace or headboard creates a dramatic focal point. It functions much like a piece of art, drawing the eye to an interesting element, but it also adds sparkle.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

These add visual interest to a bedroom or foyer and create the perfect spot to check your look head to toe before heading out the door.

Table Runners

A glass table runner reflects candlelight, a floral centerpiece, or other tabletop decors without interfering with your guests' ability to see one another across the table easily.

Mirrored Shelves

Mirrored shelves take up less visual space than those made out of wood, and they draw the eye to your cherished objects. They'll provide a unique view that encompasses every angle. If you'd like, add some lighting to make objects stand out even more.

Mirrored Wall

A mirror makes a cramped hallway seem much brighter and larger. Add mirrors in different shapes and frames to draw the eye and turn a problem area into an asset.

Framed Mirrors

Frames in any style turn a mirror into a work of art, and framed mirrors work well among a display of artwork. They also take a bathroom mirror from boring to sophisticated.

Leaner Mirrors

Mirrors that lean against a wall or another surface have become quite popular, and it's easy to see why. They allow you to brighten any room and easily change your decor simply by moving the mirror to another location.

Mirrored Backsplashes

Mirrored backsplashes add visual interest, reflect light, and are easy to clean.

The uses and benefits of custom mirrors are unlimited. Contact Glass Doctor of Midland, TX today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward transforming your home décor.