Window Repair & Replacement Services in Central Nebraska

Broken panes, dingy glass and broken seals are a headache for any homeowner. Window glass repair is an easy prescription. Glass Doctor® of Central Nebraska in Kearney make quality glass repair and replacement as simple as a phone call. Our specialists are trained in industry best practices, and come to your St. Cloud home no matter the hour. Courteous, efficient care is the hallmark of our up-front pricing and outstanding customer service. Explore the ways for Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska to brighten your day.

The Best Window Fix

Emergency Services

A hard winter, high winds or unexpected debris doesn’t always come on a schedule. Broken windows are a fact of life and a threat to the security of your home. Our team’s top priority is to get your family snug and secure as quickly as possible. A specialist will come out prepared to immediately fix the breach in your home, and will usually complete all repairs during an emergency appointment. If your glass needs to be ordered, we will provide board up and clean up services to meet the immediate need. After we secure the house we will set up a time to install your glass as soon as possible.

Window Repair vs Replacement

Sometimes the best answer for your home is to repair existing glass, but sometimes it’s worth the investment to replace the windows you have. Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska will work with you to help you decide if repair or replacement is right for you, and select the perfect insulated glass units for your home.

Window technologies like double or triple pane windows are great for the value of your home, and your monthly budget. They increase insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. They look beautiful, increase your curb appeal but need maintenance. If you already have IGUs in your home, repair may be your best solution. Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska will do window glass repair on any IGUs showing signs of seal stress, restoring the beauty and functionality of the units.

Specialty Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska is known for window glass repair, but our experts do more than just windows. Garage doors, mirrors and outside doors all have glass. Cabinets and other home decor need a special touch. We specialize in all kinds of glass to make your home beautiful.

More Than Panes

Glass Protectant

Our hydrophobic glass protectant reduces the wear and tear from weather and abrasion on glass, and can be applied to granite, tile and porcelain surfaces too!


Protect your windows and the property inside your St. Cloud home from UVA and UVB damage with window tinting.

Window Component Repair

Our specialists will fix broken window locks and difficult to open windows to keep your windows working properly.

Get the Advantage

Make the most of your prescription with The Advantage Plan®, a members-only plan including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Special offers on services and repairs
  • We’ll inspect your home for free
  • If it breaks, we’ll fix it while you’re a member

Get rid of your headache and let in the light. Contact Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska to fill your glass and window replacement prescription.