Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Central Nebraska

The Advance Measurement system is a key part of any business recovery plan. Glass Doctor® of Central Nebraska created the program to expedient glass repair and replacement. To ensure your business never suffers from unnecessarily lengthy repairs, enroll in our program today.

Creating Your Plan

Our glass experts visit your property to careful catalog and record the types and sizes of the commercial glass on your property. If an accident occurs, the information is used to speed up and simplify the replacement process, so the interruption to your business operation is minimized. We'll record the dimensions of the glass, the type and any safety glass code requirement on a numbered diagram of your business.

Rapid Emergency Repairs

No matter the time of day, call us to let us know the number on the diagram that corresponds with the broken glass. If we have the glass in stock, we'll replace it immediately, avoiding a board-up and saving you money and time. We'll also use the contact and credit information you provided us when you set up this business recovery plan to speed the repair process.

In-Stock Options

If your glass breaks frequently, talk to us about our in-stock program as an adjunct to your business recovery plan. We'll pre-order the glass for you, so it's ready when you need it.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

With the Advance Measurement system, you can know Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska will replace your glass in just one trip avoiding expensive business interruptions. The plan keeps customers and employees safe from injury, reduces your chances of vandalism and theft, and your business will look its best. And by setting up credit information with us in advance of your breakage, you'll avoid billing conflicts.

Don't wait until glass breaks to take action. Contact us today to enroll in our Advance Measurement program, and know your business is protected.