Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Central Nebraska

Breathe new life into your home with custom glass decor from Glass Doctor® of Central Nebraska. Our specialty glass installations include one-of-a-kind tabletops and custom shelving that will transform your Kearney home or business.

Create a Custom Glass Tabletop

We will replace your cloudy, damaged and outdated glass tabletop with a brand new pane of glass that fits your exact dimensions and style preferences. Our specialists also create brand new panes to perfect and refresh custom furniture. Custom glass tabletops are perfect for desks, outdoor patio sets and umbrella tables, dining room tables, conference rooms and a variety of interior decor tabletops.

Protect Sensitive Surfaces

Graphic of different glass edges

Our glass tabletops aren't limited to custom inserts. We also cut, finish and install glass panes to fit right over your existing tables and shelves. Glass is hardier and easier to clean than porous wood, and it protects your valuable furniture without hiding the details that make it special. Consult with a specialist at Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska to explore your custom options now. We will create a new glass tabletop for your sensitive coffee table, nightstands, desk, kitchen or dining room table and more.

Prevent UV Damage

Glass tabletops and shelves make rooms look bigger and brighter, because they allow natural light to pass through them. This makes it easier to show off the seating and flooring beneath your surfaces, but it also exposes them to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska will add a protective tint to any glass surface, preventing your upholstery and other surfaces from fading, cracking or warping over time. If you have colorful rugs, walls or carpeting, you may want to invest in a UV-resistant glass tint.

Reduce Safety Risks

Safety glass is a popular option for families and businesses with heavy or delicate glass installations. Choose from a variety of tempered and laminated glass options to prevent your broken glass from shattering on impact. Tempered glass is engineered to break into large, dull chunks, while laminated glass includes a transparent sheet that keeps broken shards in place. At Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska, our specialists will happily use safety glass for your custom tabletops, door glass, tub enclosures, shelves and other specialty glass installations.

Customize New Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are simple, modern touches that will refresh any bookcase or entertainment center. Glass Doctor of Central Nebraska offers a variety of thickness, edgework and tinting options to make sure your glass shelves are a perfect fit.

Complement Your Decor

Instead of storing your valuables on traditional wood or laminate shelves, show them off from every angle with transparent glass shelves. Your decor will be visible from every angle, instead of separated into chunks.

Add Striking Storage Options

Floating glass shelves make it easy to customize your storage and decor options. We will cut them to support the weight of your items, arrange them to accommodate specific heights, and stagger them to take advantage of all vertical storage space.