Storefront Doors

As most people approach a business storefront, they intuitively notice the condition of the glass windows and doors, especially if the glass is unattractive or the doors do not open and close properly. Potential and existing customers form impressions about your operations based on several elements, including the business storefront. Glass Doctor® of Houston has the experience and resources you need to perform storefront glass repair or replacement for windows and doors. Our team of storefront glass care experts will ensure your business storefront creates the best impression on your customers.

Storefront Doors

In addition to offering storefront windows and door repair services, Glass Doctor of Houston provides business owners a number of decorative storefront doors options that will fit the personality of your business. Our glass specialists can also implement top-quality bulletproof and fire-resistant glass options, which enhance the security of your business. If you need a business storefront strong enough to withstand severe weather a regular basis, consider investing in our hurricane-impact safety glass. Install tempered safety glass in certain locations to enhance your protection even further. We also customize the storefront glass with imprints of your company name, logo and additional information.

Security Film Installation

Another commercial glass solution offer by Glass Doctor of Houston is our security film, which applies directly to the existing storefront windows and doors. The tear-resistant, security film allows natural light to flow through the material. If the storefront glass breaks, it fractures into large chunks of glass, which makes it safe and easy to clean up. The security film deters thieves and criminals from break-ins and protects the storefront during severe weather outbreaks.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Your storefront doors or windows may require glass repair any time of day or night. Glass Doctor of Houston understands the importance of 24/7 emergency maintenance services, and the need to schedule glass repair or replacement at your convenience. No matter the time, call on the team at Glass Doctor of Houston to perform storefront glass care. Our storefront glass care specialists will board up the damage window or door and clean up the glass debris. We will install a new glass at a time that fit into your schedule.

You can upgrade the protection of your business and improve the appearance of your storefront with our help. Contact Glass Doctor of Houston to find out the myriad of ways our storefront glass care services can benefit your business.