Advance Measurement System

Preemptive glass care ensures your glass needs are taken care of before damage ever occurs. Glass breakage often happens when you least expect it. Don't wait until you're facing a broken window or door to research repair options. Sign up for the Advance Measurement system with Glass Doctor® of Houston today. Our system ensures glass repair and replacement are included in your comprehensive disaster restoration plan.

When you enroll in Advance Measurement, we'll send a team of glass experts to your facility to assess the premises and measure all glass panes in windows, doors and other glass components. Our team documents the type of glass required, making note of any safety glass code guidelines as well. Then we develop a numbered diagram of your facility with locations of the glass panes. A copy of the diagram will stay with you and we will keep a copy, so we always know your needs when glass damage arises.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Regardless of the time of glass breakage, call Glass Doctor of Houston right away. Using your diagram, provide the number of the glass pane required. We'll match the number with our copy. If we have the glass in stock, we'll replace the broken glass in a single visit, saving you time and preventing an extended repair service. When you set up an Advance Measurement system, you have the ability to pre-establish credit and contact information, furthering speeding up the glass replacement process.

In-Stock Options

Some businesses undergo frequent glass breakage due to vandalism or inclement weather. If you incur regular glass damage, consider using the Glass Doctor of Houston In-Stock program. We'll pre-order the glass you need so it's ready to go as soon as glass damage occurs.

Consider the Benefits

  • Savings: Repair or replace glass in a single visit
  • Convenience: Keep daily business transactions flowing smoothly
  • Liability: Minimize risk of injury to customers and employees
  • Security: Decrease the chances of theft and vandalism
  • Expedience: Eliminate the need for board-ups
  • Aesthetic: Keep your establishment looking its best
  • Credit: Pre-establish credit to reduce the chance of a potential billing conflict

Putting off glass repair or replacement compromises the future of your company. You can't afford to take this risk. Fill out our online request form or call 713-277-7555 to jump start your preemptive glass care. We'll schedule an advance measurement inspection at your earliest convenience.