Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Great bathrooms are a sanctuary. They are one of the few rooms where you can close the door and enjoy a few moments to yourself. A few changes, like installing frameless shower doors to replace an outdated shower enclosure, will change the feel of the room and possibly increase the value of your Houston home.

When you want to upgrade your bathroom, contact Glass Doctor® of Houston to schedule a complimentary in­home consultation. A specialist from our team will review the customization options available and guide you through every step of the project.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

When reviewing the different ways to update your bathroom, consider the installation of frameless shower doors. This small change will instantly give the space high­-end look and make the room appear larger. In addition to allowing you to ditch shower curtains that are difficult to clean, frameless shower doors enhance the lighting in your bathroom. They’re also perfect if the bathing area or bathroom has a unique shape or layout that doesn’t accommodate traditional shower doors.

Planning Your New Bathroom Space

With Glass Doctor of Houston, you never have to face a tub enclosure or shower door­-related project on your own. A dedicated glass specialist will guide you through the planning, budgeting, installation and maintenance details. The expert will also review the following:

  • Bathroom dimensions: A glass specialist will take expert measurement of the space to ensure that you receive an accurate estimate and avoid project delays.
  • Bathroom configuration: The best type of enclosure or shower doors to use depends on the materials on the walls and the location of the studs. This also allows us to determine the maximum weight of frameless shower doors.
  • Ventilation: Building codes require specific types of ventilation based on the size of a bathroom and its plumbing fixtures to prevent moisture damage. A glass specialist will evaluate the ventilation in your bathroom. If your upgraded shower requires additional ventilation, Glass Doctor of Houston is happy to install a steam room kit.
  • Shower Head: A good shower head doesn't spray water outside of the enclosure when you open the door.
  • Door type: The size and configuration of your bathroom helps determine the best type of shower door for your upgrade. Frameless shower doors are great, for example, when there’s plenty of room for them to swing open. Otherwise, sliding doors may be a better option.
  • Glass customization: The shower doors and tub enclosures at Glass Doctor of Houston are available in a variety of textures, tints and patterns. Choose custom options based on personal preferences and the amount of privacy you desire.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor of Houston encourages you to check out the following links so you can start gathering ideas about how you want your bathroom to look and to spark your imagination. Collect your ideas and show them to the glass specialist during your consultation.

A simple change, like the installation of frameless shower doors, is a great way to turn your Accessories

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