Door Closer Repair Service

When you put door closer repair on your priority list, delighting your customers is a breeze. It's often that first impression that keeps your clients happy and attracts new prospects to your company, store or office. You can't inspire trust if your doors are difficult to open, or worse, if a door closes suddenly on a customer's foot. Even noisy, creaking doors are off-putting and can harm your public image. With expert door closer care provided by Glass Doctor® of Houston, you can greet customers in a welcoming manner.

Proper Door Closer Operation

Your manual door closer should function silently and smoothly, so that your clients easily access your business, but don't need to physically shut the door. Ideally, your customer feels slight resistance when opening the door, familiarizing them with its weight. The door should safely glide open, then when the guest has entered, the door should close slowly, silently and gracefully.

Door Closer Care and Repair Requirements

Suitable door closers: If your business has a large or heavy entry door, it must have a heavy-duty door closer with the strength required to close it smoothly. If the door closer springs are inadequate to the task, your door could become damaged or your customer could be injured.

Properly installed door closing mechanism: You can count on the experts at Glass Doctor of Houston to install your door closer to the highest industry standards and provide reliable maintenance service to extend the life of your door, doorframe and closer. Proper adjustment at installation and during maintenance visits avoids:

  • Wobbly or noisy doors
  • Misaligned doors
  • Damaged doors and frames
  • Doors that won't open smoothly
  • Doors that slam shut unpredictably
  • Business security issues
  • Customer or employee injury

Door closer upkeep: Proper door closer care depends upon prompt seal repair and oil level maintenance. A damaged or broken door seal creates a clearance gap, which leads to oil leakage. Common issues include missing screws, cracked seals or a broken O-ring. Proper lubrication and care from Glass Doctor of Houston keeps your business' doors functioning smoothly and predictably.

Door lock problems: If you company's door is tricky to lock, your location is vulnerable to theft or vandalism. The door lock malfunction may also cause damage to the lock, frame or the door closer itself.

Professional Door Closer Care

Reliable door closer service from Glass Doctor of Houston keeps your warranty in force and ensures that your door works properly, pleasantly welcoming customers for years to come. Our training includes repair of all door components, including hinges, frames, thresholds and more. For complete commercial door closer services and an onsite consultation, call us today.