Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Houma, LA

You will bring new life to any bathroom with the addition of a glass tub or shower enclosure. Glass gives your main bathroom fixture a luxurious designed aimed to increase relaxation relaxation. It's beautiful form is matched by its ease of function. Creating this type of space in your home is much easier and obtainable than you might think, thanks to the experts at Glass Doctor® of Houma. All it takes to transform a bathroom into your home into a spa-like space is a concept, planning and one of our frameless glass shower doors.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Add Luxury

It is easy to see why frameless glass shower doors are associated with luxury. They are crisp, clean and created with both form and function in mind. They also enhance natural lighting, instantly become the centerpiece of any bathroom and offer a level of privacy that simply cannot be matched by a simple shower curtain.

But the true beauty of frameless glass shower doors is how our specialists customize them to fit any bathroom and budget without sacrificing the luxury. Whether you would like to add a relatively basic framed shower door or an elaborate, custom frameless glass shower door with heavy glass enclosures, our specialists will help you design the shower space of your dreams.

Creating the Shower Space of Your Dreams

It's amazing how easily frameless glass shower doors transform bathrooms into a special space. Even the most ordinary and oddly shaped spaces benefit from custom-made, custom-fit glass shower doors.

Our specialists are experts at making the entire process easy for you, from conceptualization to budgeting to planning to designing to installation. Our team of experts will be by your side for every detail and decision, including:

  • Configuration: We will conduct a thorough inspection of your space to identify the type of walls, location of studs and overall space available. Understanding your bathroom's configuration allows you to make educated decisions about which of the many frameless glass shower doors is best suited for your home.
  • Components: Once we understand which shower door will best fit your space and meet your needs; we'll work with you to choose components, including shower heads, which will work well with your new door. Choosing the right components ensures that water will not splash into areas where it should not be.
  • Measurements: Our specialists believe in measuring twice and cutting once. Once you decide which shower door and components you want, we'll measure again. This ensures that you know with precision how much the project will cost and makes the installation process go more smoothly.
  • Ventilation and Glass Protectant: A properly vented space is important. Our specialists will also evaluate your space's unique ventilation needs and install a system that prevents moisture from building up, paint from peeling and mold from growing in your new, spa-like bathroom. We'll also keep your glass looking crystal clear with our Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant.

Bathroom Improvement

Start Designing Your Shower

Our installation process begins with an in-home consultation, where your glass specialist will explain the process, take measurements and answer any questions you may have. Every custom glass installation is unique, and our selection of accessories is impressive. If you are ready to start exploring your options, contact Glass Doctor of Houma or use our tools to see all of the options available to you:

When your glass installation is complete, the glass experts at Glass Doctor of Houma will help protect your glass surfaces with our Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment. To get started on the path to enticing and exciting framed or frameless shower doors, contact us today and schedule a consultation.