Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Houma, LA

Reinvent your old dining room table or add light to your living room with custom glass tabletops. You will be amazed at how the simple addition of a custom glass piece can transform any room in your home.

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Houma have the skills and experience to design and create custom glass decor. The process begins with an in-home consultation where a glass expert will learn about your goals and make suggestions concerning edgework details, thickness, glass tint and safety concerns. Together, decide on a tabletop that will look great in your home and fit your budget.

Where to Use Glass Tabletops

While many people associate glass with dining room tables, there really are no limits. Writing desks, coffee tables and even antique furniture can be given new life with a custom glass top. Businesses even use our services to create stunning conference room tables. Not only is glass easy to clean and maintain it can also help protect your other possessions by blocking harmful UV rays.

No matter what shape, size or style of glass you are thinking of creating, our specialists can help you choose the ideal combination of features.

Enjoy Extra Protection

Graphic of different glass edges

Tinted glass actually has protective qualities that help filter out UV rays and prevents your furniture, carpets and drapes from fading over time. A simple tint can prolong the life of your furniture. Safety glass is also a practical solution for outdoor furniture or high traffic areas where children like to play. Both tempered and laminated glass can be used to protect your family and visitors from injuries if glass breaks.

Custom Shelving

Go beyond tabletops and create custom glass shelving that represents the best in both form and function. Businesses can organize and display inventory and homeowners can showcase their prized collections. Custom shelving provides a dramatic look that can be designed to seamlessly integrate into any space.

Design Options to Consider

When designing a custom shelving unit, it is important to consider several factors. A specialist will help you determine the best height and configuration to avoid wasting space and maximize the functionality of the space you do have. This also means choosing the right number of shelves and the ideal space between shelves. The type of glass, tinting and color your choose will also affect the overall look and style. While this might seem like a lot to tackle, a Glass Doctor of Houma expert will walk you through the entire decision making process.

Add new life to old furniture with new glass tabletops or update a room with custom glass shelving. Contact Glass Doctor of Houma today to get started on your custom glass project.