Door Closer Repair Service

If you want customers to be impressed with your business, you must create a positive, lasting impression from the moment they enter the building. It is critical to have a properly functioning door to greet your clients. Glass Doctor® of Houma provides door closer care to repair and maintain the safety and security of commercial doors. Our team will restore or install new entryway fixtures to increase your curb appeal and your customers' experiences.

The Function of Door Closers

Manual door closers let customers easily open the door without having to physically close it. If a door closer is installed correctly, the customer will feel a bit of resistance as he or she opens the door, which eventually gives way and the door will glide open. Once a person steps through the entrance, the door closer spring causes the door's arm to close and gently return to its place in the frame.

Door Closer Repair Services

Like any other part of a business, door closers may need to be repaired. Some of the most common reasons for repair include:

Incorrect types of closers: It is important that business owners select the proper type of door closer. If the door is heavy, a door closer with strong springs is required. If the weight of the door doesn't coincide with the closer, the door will become misaligned, damage the frame and possibly break the door closer. Our team will review your closer, making sure it is the proper fit for your entryway.

Improper installation: If the door closer was installed incorrectly, the entryway will suffer damage. The door may stick or move suddenly. Our glass specialists have the right tools and training to properly install door closers the first time. Proper installation maximizes the lifespan of the door closer and door.

Difficult to lock doors: The result of many door closer issues is an unlockable entryway. If a door is misaligned, the lock will not properly fit. This may make it impossible to lock your building. Our team will realign the door and lock so you regain your security.

Broken seals and low oil levels: Door closers are a machine based on balance. If a seal or screw breaks, the entire system is thrown off. Glass Doctor of Houma will perform regular maintenance of your closer to ensure all parts are in good repair.

Our Services

Door closer care should only be performed by trained professionals, otherwise you risk your warranty. Our glass specialists complete extensive training, so we are sure to restore your door closer without endangering your warranty. Contact Glass Doctor of Houma to set a free consultation. We will discuss your repair options and restore your business.