Shower Door Installation

Your bathroom is one of your home’s most important areas, since it’s used every day, multiple times a day. It needs to be as attractive and functional as possible. An updated bathroom looks roomy and well-lit, which not only increases your enjoyment of the space, but also raises your home’s resale value. Glass shower doors and tub enclosures are one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to upgrade your Greers Ferry bathroom. Glass Doctor® of Greers Ferry, AR will install shower doors and tub enclosures that make your bathroom brighter and easier to clean. We have styles to complement and enhance every bathroom decor, and our specialists will work with you to choose the shower door that perfectly suits your needs.

Personalize every detail

Our custom shower doors include both framed and frameless options. We mount sliding doors on tracks to save space in small bathrooms, and we install hinges on single or double doors to let them swing open. Whether you want to replace one shower door or enclose your entire tub in multiple glass walls, we'll work with you to create the shower of your dreams.

Glass Patterns

Your glass customization options also include patterns and colors, which enrich your style while increasing your privacy.

Prevent water damage

Shower door installation done by Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR is a wise investments that increase the value of your home, but not just because they look better. They also protect your health and eliminate structural risks that are common in bathrooms. Soap, hard water and waste will stain surfaces over time but moisture buildup also leads to mold and bacteria growth.

Shower curtains and flimsier doors increase these risks, rather than preventing them. However, glass isn't porous like acrylic or plastic, so it won't attract residue or hold onto water. It also creates a watertight seal, keeping water away from your floor. Our specialists will even take precise measurements to determine the best angle for your shower head, and help you choose one that won't spray onto the ceiling or walls.

Of course, some moisture buildup can't be prevented. In a humid bathroom, condensation accumulates if you don't have enough ventilation or airflow, leading to peeling paint and mold growth. Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR will conduct an evaluation to determine your ventilation needs.

Bathroom Improvement

Protect your surfaces for years

After we bring your dream bathroom to life with a custom installation, you'll want to spend more time inside enjoying it. Spend that time relaxing and recharging, not cleaning. We know it's not fun to scrub, scrape and polish your glass every week, but the bathroom is a humid and high-traffic space where unhealthy mildew and unsightly streaks tend to accumulate. That's why we offer Clear Choice™ Protectant.

This patented, high-tech repellent is a great way to protect your glass investment and the surrounding surfaces, such as tile floors and granite countertops. After your glass specialist applies just one coat of this professional-grade shield, your bathroom will resist water, oil and scratches for up to five years.

Start your transformation today; schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR. Count on an upfront pricing estimate based on your precise dimensions and preferences. Call us at 501-550-4025 today to schedule your appointment with a specialist in Greers Ferry.