Glass Table Tops

Renovate and redecorate your home with the aid of custom glass table tops and shelves from Glass Doctor® of Greers Ferry, AR. Our custom glass solutions provide exceptional protection to your furniture and a classy accent piece to enhance your home style and decor.

Home Decor Solutions

Whether you are looking for a complement to new, modern furniture or are simply searching for a means to protect antique pieces, there are custom glass table tops perfect for your needs.

Here are just a few popular uses for custom glass accents:

  • Dining room or conference room table tops
  • Writing desk
  • Coffee table
  • Antique furniture pieces
  • End tables

Practical Styles & Customization

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom glass table tops are ideal for organization and decor pieces. Made to fit any space within your home, these products are perfect for the practical homeowner who is looking for a solution to fit a variety of considerations, including:

Style: Modern or classic, minimalist or elegant, we can create a glass piece to fit any style need.

Size & Shape: Maximizing all sized spaces, our specialists will take precise measurements to ensure that your glass table tops or shelves will fit perfectly.

Number & Functionality: Custom glass shelving can be designed specifically with your display pieces in mind, taking height, width and weight into consideration.

Appearance: Glass tinting, thickness and edge profile customization options are all a part of our standard design process.

Additional Customization Options

In addition to the basic cut and size of your custom glass table tops or shelving units, we also offer tinted and safety glass:

Tinted glass: This process filters out ultraviolet rays, protecting your belongings from damage due to sun exposure.

Safety glass: This product is best used for outdoor applications that require exceptionally sturdy glass. Laminated and tempered glass options are available when you need to consider the safety of small children, pets and other people from injury due to glass breakage.

Professional Consultation

Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR provides helpful, professional consultation to homeowners who are looking to utilize custom glass table tops and shelves in the functional decor of their living spaces. When you work with our great team of specialists on your next custom glass product, we will provide great information regarding the edging details, thickness, tinting, size and shape of your custom glass solution.

Great Options to Benefit Your Home

Don't let the standard, generic furniture pieces dictate your lifestyle and decor. Contact our team at Glass Doctor of Greers Ferry, AR online or at (501) 550-4289 to learn more about how our products can enhance your living quality without breaking the bank.