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North Central Arkansas

Custom Mirrors

Reflect a new dimension of your Heber Springs home's decor with dynamic mirrors. Mirrors have the ability to reflect light, add depth to your home and highlight artwork. Glass Doctor® of North Central Arkansas offers a wealth of functional and decorative custom mirrors to change any space from bland to beautiful.

Creative Reflections

Whether you are looking to utilize mirrors as centerpieces or as a functional component with the rest of your home decor, Glass Doctor of North Central Arkansas specializes in creating custom pieces. We offer expert consultations for incorporating a wide variety of designs and finishes to meet your creative needs.

Bolster Depth and Light

By strategically placing custom mirrors on walls adjacent to or across from windows, the mirrors enhance both artificial and natural lighting. In smaller tight spaces, custom mirrors instantly increase the perceived square footage of the space. Whether you choose to bolster the artistic character of a room or visually increase the space, Glass Doctor of North Central Arkansas in Greers Ferry offers multiple mirror designs to effectively meet your needs and desires.

Mirrors for Bedrooms

Instantly infuse the perfect touch of glamour to bedrooms with custom mirrors. The team of specialists in Heber Springs order and install:

  • Closet mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Dressing mirrors
  • Full length mirrors

Living Room Mirrors

Show off personality and add depth to your living room with a wide array of mirrors, including:

  • Vanity mirrors
  • Mirrored shelves on display cases or inset in furniture
  • Statement mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but not all mirrors work for every bathroom. The specialists at Glass Doctor of North Central Arkansas in Heber Springs offer customization services to create stylish and visually appealing mirrors, such as:

  • Custom and standard mirror options
  • Vanity hanging mirrors

Mirrors for Entryways

Invite guests into your home with functional hallway and entryway mirrors. These mirrors are ideal for assisting guests with their outerwear.

Kitchen Mirrors

Strategically placed kitchen mirrors are ideal for generating light and creating points of intrigue. Some of the most popular mirror choices for kitchen spaces are:

  • Customized decorative mirrors
  • Mirrored backsplashes

The Heber Springs experts offer several years of experience changing homes with dynamic mirrors. We offer a wide array of custom mirror colors and designs to meet any need for any space. Contact Glass Doctor of North Central Arkansas for a consultation to start seeing your home in a different light.