Double Pane Window Services for Grand Junction

Whether it is the in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, your home will suffer frequent temperature changes if windows aren't properly sealed or if a pane is broken. Entrust your window glass replacement to Glass Doctor® of Grand Junction.

Homes equipped with double pane windows face similar issues if a seal is broken or a single pane is disturbed. Glass Doctor of Grand Junction will always attempt to replace the unit prior to making a full replacement. If your double pane windows show a milky appearance or condensation gathered under the panes, we can replace the unit. To fix double pane units, our specialists will replace the panes but leave the case. This glass and seal replacement saves you money while restoring the efficiency of the unit.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Many homeowners have found the best type of window to have in their home is an insulated glass unit (IGU). One of the most popular types of IGUs is a double pane window. Double pane windows give homeowners two layers of glass protection plus an air barrier, which all works to reduce heat transfer. The gap between panes is closed with a spacer, which also locks the glass in place.

The perimeter of the entire unit is sealed with a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes. Some insulated glass units include argon or krypton gas added to the airspace between the two panes to provide additional insulation.

The build of an IGU allows for homeowners to enjoy the view without losing energy efficiency. The greater a home energy efficiency, the easier HVAC systems run. Adding double pane windows or restoring double pane windows lowers a homeowner’s energy bill.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Grand Junction, one of our specialties is insulated window glass replacement. Fortunately, you don’t always have to replace the entire window. If possible, we will restore the pane you already have. Ask our specialists to assess your home's windows. We're happy to walk you through the various services and improvements we can make to your home, so you enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient space. We promise to work with your schedule and offer upfront pricing so you know exactly what is happening when the project begins.

Contact us online or call today to begin enjoying every aspect of your windows! At Glass Doctor of Grand Junction, We Fix Your Panes.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.