Custom Mirrors in Grand Junction, CO

Mirrors are a versatile, impressive addition to any home or business. They increase the illusion of space, establish focal points within a room and enhance your distinctive decor. Glass Doctor of Grand Junction provides superior decorating possibilities for residential and professional buildings by offering custom mirrors. Rather than accepting off-the-shelf items, our custom glass service allows you to create an individual reflection of your personal style with mirrors designed for your specific space.

Functional Improvements

Custom mirrors are able to completely alter the impression of a room's size, shape or layout. When used in strategic ways, small spaces gain instant depth and cramped areas project roomier atmospheres. Custom mirror applications work in numerous interior settings, delivering an effortless and lasting illusion that increases your comfort.

Our glass specialists possess years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge, allowing them to assist you with your functional improvements. During an in-home consultation, they'll assess your surroundings, listen to your goals, and offer professional suggestions concerning the best methods for achieving your aims. Applications include:

  • Bath and kitchen: Mirrored backsplashes and wall mounted accents create reflections that seem to double your space. Our glass experts understand exactly which mounting methods will work best for specific materials such as wood, tile, vinyl and sheetrock surfaces.
  • Bedrooms: Choose custom mirrors for sliding closet doors, wardrobe accents or walk-in closets.
  • Living areas: Enhance the decorative theme of your living areas with framed custom mirrors that direct the eye towards specific movement, reflect a particularly pleasing outdoor vista or transform your vestibule area into an remarkably elegant entryway.

Impressive Arrangements

Custom mirrors offer an endless amount of design opportunities. Our process allows you to commission statement pieces that dazzle. Perfect for decorating formal entertaining areas, framed mirrors deliver decorative harmony by establishing a current theme throughout the room when matched with existing accents.

Choose to forgo the frame and create artistic styles with repeated rows of wall-mounted mirrors. Our customization service options include a variety of edge profiles, shape, size, and placement possibilities, as well as tinting options and safety films.

Our glass experts also provide assistance in designing custom mirrored shelves. Whether you'd like to develop a particular arrangement to display treasured items in your home, or you're interested in replacing the china cabinet shelves in a great flea market find, our professionals will generate a unique solution. We also work with furniture craftsmen, interior decorators and similar service professionals to develop custom mirror applications.

Reduce Energy Consumption

As an added feature, custom mirrors have the power to reduce your energy use. Their reflective properties magnify both natural and artificial light. During the day, natural light is channeled throughout your home or office, generating a clean, open aspect. While at night, carefully placed mirrors scatter the light from table lamps, overhead lighting or wall sconces, enabling you to use less electricity.

Begin your interior space transformation by scheduling a consultation with the custom mirror experts at Glass Doctor of Grand Junction today.