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Home Window Repair

Discover the solution to cloudy, cracked, or discolored windows today! Glass Doctor® of Englewood, CO makes it easier to upgrade and protect your home with our home window repair and replacement services. Our glass experts are happy to accommodate your schedule, style and safety concerns, and they have the training it takes to deliver detailed results that last.

At Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO, we know broken windows are always emergencies. We always attempt to balance the cost of repairs with the benefits of upgrading your outdated glass. Learn more about our window repair and replacement options, which are available around the clock to homeowners.

Window Repair

Whether you need an overnight board-up or a specialty home window repair, Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO has the materials and world-class standards you need to transform your home.

Emergency Services

If your windows break in the middle of the night, call us immediately for emergency home window repair or replacement. We will send out our mobile unit to sweep up the shards and remove any panes that must be replaced. We offer temporary board-ups to preserve your seal and safety, but we also expedite all home window replacement orders.

Double Pane Window Repair

If you have window units with multiple glass panes, we will help you repair and maintain units to look brand new and remain efficient. If a seal breaks and your glass grows cloudy or collects condensation, your energy bills and curb appeal will suffer. Our service professionals will replace individual panes, replace the moisture-absorbing desiccants between them, and even re-seal the whole window.

Specialty Glass Repair

We also repair custom glass installations, such as door glass, decorative windows, glass tabletops, and other home decors. Our glass experts work hard to keep your glass safe and attractive.

Window Replacement


Upgrade your home with our comprehensive window replacement services. We will replace your single pane windows with insulated glass units (IGUs) that lower your carbon footprint and increase your household comfort. We also offer low-emissivity (Low-E) windows with glare-reducing and heat-controlling benefits.

Additional Glass Services

After we repair or replace your glass, make sure you have protection from additional complications. Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO offers a variety of other products, plans, and services to ensure your panes are in good repair.

Glass Protectant

At Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO, every window we install is crafted to last and installed with precision. We offer our exclusive glass protectant because we know that maintenance is time-consuming, and natural wear and tear is inevitable. One coat of Clear Choice™ will protect your glass for up to five years, preventing unsightly mineral deposits and pollutants while resisting water, stains and scratches.


Our UV-resistant window tints will prevent discoloration, heat gain, sunburn, and other indoor consequences of outdoor sun exposure. Block sun damage without losing the sunlight, thanks to our energy-efficient glass tinting options.

Window Component Repair

We also repair window components, including lock mechanisms, tilt latches, balances, and cranks. If your windows are difficult to open or close, ask us to take a look.

Gain the Advantage

Sign up for our Advantage Plan® to receive priority scheduling, a complimentary glass inspection, savings on future services and even a breakage guarantee that lasts as long as your membership.

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Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO offers on-site consultations, and our service professionals are happy to answer any additional questions about our window repair and replacement options. If you need to update or upgrade your household windows, call us now at (720) 961-5408.