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Commercial Door Closer Service

Your customers deserve a grand entrance, so make sure your entry door works perfectly every time. At Glass Doctor® of Englewood, CO, we provide the door closer care businesses need to make a great first impression, including 24-hour emergency services. Our service professionals provide installation, repair, and scheduled maintenance that keeps your doors operating smoothly and efficiently all year long. Our top-notch door closer care services ensure the safety and security of your customers and employees.

How Door Closers Work

Automatic door closers use a hydraulic-based mechanism containing a sealed tube, spring, and fluid or oil. Properly installed door closers have a slight resistance when the door is pulled open. This resistance gives the person entering a good idea of how heavy the door is. After this initial resistance, the door glides smoothly open, and then the door will swing gently back into place as it closes.

Door Closer Care and Repair

Most problems with door closer are caused by oil leaks. Signs that your door closer may be leaking oil include:

  • The door swings closed without any resistance, slamming against the door frame.
  • The door swings too fast to the mid-swing.
  • An oil puddle appears beneath the door closer unit.
  • Oil is dripping onto the bottom arm of the closer.

Our door closer experts will make sure you have the proper door closer for the job. The wrong door closer can pose misalignments, safety risks, and damage to the door and door closer. Our service professionals perform door closer care and maintenance services that prevent unexpected or unusual door movements, damaged doorframes, and misalignments. We guarantee that your closer is in good working condition.

When the seal inside a door closer is broken, the result is an exposed clearance gap that leaves your closer hardware vulnerable to leaks and damage. Door closer problems should always be repaired by experienced professionals who understand their inner workings. Hiring a professional will also prevent your warranty from being voided.

Regular Door Closer Maintenance

At Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO, we recommend regular maintenance of your door closers. Our team will come to your business quickly and expertly identify and resolve any door closer issues. Our goal is to keep your doors open for business! We also provide door care services for hinges, thresholds, and glass repair and replacement. Fill out an online form today to schedule an on-site consultation. We look forwarding to serving you!