Glass Railing Systems for Durham, ON

Railings on stairs, decks, balconies and porches keep us safe, but they aren’t always the most appealing architectural details of our homes or businesses. They serve a vital purpose – so why shouldn’t they be beautiful, too?

At Glass Doctor®, we’re excited to offer interior and exterior glass railing systems.

Safe, durable and modern, our glass railings are ideal for both residential and commercial applications and truly give your deck or staircase a facelift.

Why Choose a Glass Railing System?

Glass railing systems have come a long way. Thanks to modern engineering, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a glass deck railing or glass stair railing while still being confident in the integrity and safety of your railing.

Glass railings are an attractive option for property owners who are looking to:

  • Offer uninterrupted views.
    Traditional railings inhibit views and block light.
  • Modernize their space.
    Stair and deck railings should be more than just a safety feature – they should enhance the space. Modern glass stair and deck railings elevate any space.
  • Cut down on maintenance costs.
    Unlike other railing materials, glass railings require little maintenance, as they will not chip, corrode or otherwise wear over time.

What Are Glass Railings Made Of?

Glass railings are constructed of a series of metal channels, metal supports, bolts clamps and laminated glass panels. Laminated glass is ideal for glass railing systems due to its durability and safety features. The use of laminated glass allows property owners to select from patterned, clear and tinted glass options – their glass railings may even be made with curved panels.

Glass Railing Specifications

At Glass Doctor, we install glass railings that meet local building codes. In most cases, this means that commercial railings must be 42-inches high and 36-42 inches for residential applications. The thickness of the glass will depend on the type of railing being installed.

Glass railings come in two types: framed and frameless:

Framed Glass Railings

In a framed glass railing, each panel of glass is fully framed with material like aluminum or stainless steel. Framed glass railings often rely on metal pillars between panels for structure and appearance. Framed glass railings require less-thick panels.

Frameless Glass Railings

Frameless glass railings lack a full frame, but their panels are still supported by brackets, baseboard or railing bar. Frameless glass railings require thicker glass than their framed counterparts.

Are Glass Stair Railings and Deck Railings Safe?

Believe it or not, in some cases, glass railings are actually safer than traditional railing options, as they:

  • Are unable to rot like wood or rust like some metals.
  • Are difficult to climb.
  • Lack slats or rails where children or pets can get stuck.

Let Glass Doctor Fulfill Your Glass Railing Dreams

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